Looper 2012 movie review

Si I have never seen Looper and I have heard a lot about it so I watched it.

Looper is actually a good movie. So what makes this movie work so well for me.  I like the story because it’s really good his younger self tries to kill him and its not a time travel movie that does not have plot holes like Termanatier Dark fate.  The main character is  Joe played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt who is grate so is Bruce Willis both of them are great. Emile Blunt is good as well almost the whole cast is great. The action scenes are really well shot. The ending is one the best I have seen in my life so far it is so grated But it’s not a perfect movie at all its a little slow and the child actor was bad but in a funny so bad its funny is what I am saying. he has a few good scenes but most of them are bad so is the twist its not bad it just makes no sense to me at all. there are great scenes in this movie that people will love. You should go out and buy this movie it is worth it.

Score A- 8/10

The Turning Review

So The Turning came out and I went to go see it

There is not much I liked but ill try to start with it good stuff first. I like some of the music in the movie it was very well done. The end credits were also good out lead is OK at best. The 3rd act was fucking grate but we;; SPOILERS since I can’t get my anger off without telling you. OK so our lead gets something in the mail from her mom who is crazy and it’s a black picture of something so than the 3rd act happens but after she leaves with the kids and a ghost kills the nanny and its cutes back to her looking at the art so it never happened. and it ends with her screaming when her mom turns around and it cuts to black and its all in her head when it cutes to black. If you’re confused I was too. That ending pissed me off and other people in the theater.  My friend was mad at how it ended. The scares were not scary at all they overuse the jumpscare. The child actors suck Finn is bad and I like him in IT but not in here. The little girl is also bad well shes a kid so. The nanny is a bitch she is so fucking rude and just an asshole.

My score is an F for that fucking ending 2/10 only for that fun 3rd act even tho it never happened. Gotta be a little fair

Tales From The Crypt Series Review

If you know me you know I love horror.  So I bought all seven seasons of Tales from the crypt.


If you don’t know what Tales for the Crypt is it was a comic series that a TV show. They usually have shotty people and you watch them die by something supernatural or sometimes its something else. But its mostly shitty people dying and, it is so fun watching shitty people die horrible deaths or have bad stuff happen to them. This show also gets celebrity cameos or celebrities even staring in episodes. Arnold Swansanger directed one. They got Joe Pesci, Daniel Greg and many more. All of them have this twist well most of them do and they are great to meh. I have called a few of them. Season 1 is really good to have most of my favorite episodes. My favorite episode is the last episode of season 7 because it the first animated one and I like shows when they go crazy and this one did.  It’s about the 3 little pigs. I will list the rest after my review. Some episodes are bad and I mean really bad. But it’s out shiny they the really good ones. I remember watching this as a kid and I wanted to reach them I only saw season 1 as a kid so the rest were new to me. Anyway, Tales from the Crypt is a good show and should be checked out if you love horror.

10 Favorit episodes

Honorable mention

All through the House


Forever Ambergirls

10 The Man who was death

This was the first episode of the series and it was great. I won’t say much but it was a dam good episode.

9 Dig that Cat he’s really gone

A man with nine lives of a cat who dies for money dam that sounds entertaining and that because it is

8 Smoke Wires

7 Horror in the night

6 Top billing

5 What’s cooking

4 Television Terror

3 Eatsa Kill ya

This one is so good because it is realistic and could happen.

2 Fitting Punishment

1 3 little pigs

Already gave my reasons for it



So I finally got to see 1917.

So 1917 is a WW1 movie and you follow two soldiers trying to deliver a message to the front lien calling off tomorrow’s attack since its a trap.  So the two main characters are friends they are the two how half to send the message. This movie capture what war was like. What is also great is the Oneshot method he tried. It looks Oneshot besides like two times you can tell a cut was made and the first few minutes drag on but after that, this movie is almost perfect  There was an in here about him not being able to stay with his family because of if he died he could do that to them. Something like that was said. Its a grate lien and its powerful one as well.  Both of the main characters are grate one of them as a brother in the other group and he wants to save him.  The scene was he runs across the battlefield is my favorite scene it has the perfect music perfect setting for it. If you have seen the movie you know what I am talking about. The music is great is other scenes as well. I encourage you to go see it.  it’s sad that this did not get a wide release until 2020 and I won’t count it as a 2020 movie. 1917 was everything I wanted it to be and a little more.


My score is an A and a 9.5/10

Thxs again for reading my movie reviews and what did you think of 1917 tell me in the comments.

Underwater, The Grudge and All the Freeakels in the Wolrd: Language warning

So I have seen 4 movies so far 3 in 1 week and I will review them


The Grudge 2020


This movie is really bad you don’t know anything about the characters you only know a little about some of them. This movie is also not scary at all. I do want to know why was this made I feel like this should not have been remade or a sequel IDK. The only thing I like is the music, in the beginning, the end credits are weird but I kind of like it. There the only nice things I half to say. The movie is told very weird it jumps around so much its predictable is boring for a 90min movie it feels like 2 hours and 30. The acting is terrible from everyone you don’t care for them it’s predictable. The ruined the voice of the grudge sounds way better in the OG. I called the ending called the deaths. The Deaths are not even good. They also overused the Jumpscare way too much and I hate it. 3 got me and I still knew that they were coming well it’s a normal thing to react to a jumpscare. My score is a D and a 2.5/10.




Underwater is the best movie I have seen all year and that’s not saying much so is this movie good yes it is. I like the premies of this movie you feel Closterphobic and the acting is good for the most part TJ. Miller is bad for the most part but he has his good moments. Our female lead is good. The pacing is also good I was enjoying it most of the way thew. The Monsters look great when they’re in the dark when they’re in the light you can see the problem a little. The big revile is bad and there is not much characterization at all and I did not care who died. The deaths are pretty lame. I will say this movie is scarier than the Grudge it has its good moments and it has its bad moments. What I will say is that this movie just hopes into the movie you have like 3 minutes before shit happens My score is a B and a 6/10.  Better then I thought it would be it is the best movie I have seen since the other movies suck and speaking of movies sucking.


All the Freckles in the World


I hate this movie with everthing I have it gets an F and a -10/10 its a terrible movie don’t watch it on Netflix. I will explain why I hate thing movies. 1 The acting is terrible everyone is unlockable besides 1 kid he is fine. There are lots of ADR witch if you read my last review you know I hate ADR also our lead is a piece of shit person. He is so far up his own ass. He is obsessed with this girl in his class that is taken and he is like I want x 5 he says it a lot here, and we are gonna have 2 kids. He is rude to everyone his mom his sister his friends even the girl who likes him. He makes a bet with his crushes boyfriend that if he wins a soccer match he gets her So he only wants her for her looks he is the reason I hate this movie also the ADR. So in the movie, his friend breaks his tailbone before the game and he called him a selfish asshole. SO they lose and he says that they cheated like a bitch would even tho before he was gonna cheat to win. Before this he kicked a player and got a yellow card, in reality, it was a red card but he is a privileged kid. No, he is not white he is Mexican I hate this movie so much more then I thought would. Also he just the Biggest prick to everyone watch it even tho I sad do not and tell me he is not a prick.  Yes, this move is probably gonna be the worst of the year. My score is an F and a -10/10 its terrible do not watch plz. There is also the plot with his dad being this popular figure and I think we only see him like one time or not at all I don’t remember. I could just go on and on about this but I don’t want to it would be too easy.  So let’s do it anyway. The plot is the Prick kid going to a new school and falling in love with a girl and wants to win her over. By the way, I am just going to keep calling him that. Her boyfriend is dumb for accepting his challenge. When she finds out he blames it on him and he acts like he did nothing wrong. He tries so hard to win her over that it comes off as creepy the ending is him going to another school and liking another girl and not learning his dam lesson. He Turns down a girl that new knows better because he like a girl who he has never spoken to. Anyway, I am done complaining about this movie. I did not even cover probably have of what I saw but it getting long so I am going to stop.


Thxs again for reading another one of my pointless reviews.

Ghost stories Netflix Review

So this is the first movie of 2020 is a foreign movie on Netflix.


So Ghost stories is about 4 diffrenr stories and it is not good at all.

The first problem is the ADR witch is liens played over a scene in a movie you can tell that if it does to match up at all. I was talking to a friend while watching because I just could not stand the ADR In story 1 we have a maid taking care of this old person who is crazy kind of and I just found it bad the ADT the acting the only thing good is the score and the ending is the only things that were good. D+

The 2ED stories is the worst and that’s for who weird it is.  It feels so weird also has an ADR problem there is some actually liens in the movie and it has some creepy imagery and that’s that nothing else stood out all the characters are hard to like. So the plot here is this kid is scared that his aunt will stop loving him after she has a kid since his mom died so he kills this bird IDK why he died but this one is super weird. Also, it’s super boring and slow. D-

The 3RD story is disappointing is has good premies but the execution of it was not good  I think this one as less ADR but its still a lot of it but some liens are real. You have this guy looking for these to kids and when he finds them these zombies I think IDK.  Most of the liens in this story are cringe and terrible because of there kids. This movie does have a kid dying witch you don’t care for since you barely know them. C-

the 4th and Final story is my favorite because it has a good plot solid acting and no ADR the ending and the ending score is perfect but its kind of sloppy some cringe stuff from some plot stuff. So the whole plot is this guy moms dead but he and his family still play this game with them like they’re still there. If you ever watch this just watch the first and last hell, not even the first since how boring it is. B


Overall its a C- and a 3/10. What a way to start the new year with me suffering.

Best and Worst Movies 0f 2019

I have seen 101 movies the year and here is my 10 best and worse




10 Jojo Rabbit


9 Doctor Sleep


8 SHazam


7 Knives Out


8 Zombieland 2


5 John Wick 5


4 Brightburn


3 Spiderman far from home


2 Joker


1 Ford V Ferrari




10 A.M.L




9 In The shadow of the moon


8 Doom analasion




6 Sextuplets


5  Hustlers


4 Close


3 Haunting at silver lake

2  IO


1 Isn’t Romantic


Thx for reading more of my reviews

Who Would Win


Trying something new here

 Who Would win


Image result for ghost rider vs scorpion


Ghostrider (Marvel Comics) VS Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)


Two of my favorite characters in a fight.



Strength is not even a question here. Scorpion can break a tatianim statue in 1 hit witch equals 63,000 PSI while Ghostrider pulled down a skyscraper witch wiese 200,000 pounds. Speed is another one for Ghostrider since he is able to  keep up with Thor’s hammer which crossed the milky way and back in under a minute. Can’t post the pic since the text would be too small. The speed that it would need to do that would be 100billion times faster than light.

Image result for thor's hammer cross the milky way comic

Fighting skill  and hand to hand is one Scorpion has this one.Scorpion is a trained ninja assassin so he definitely  is a better hand to hand out of the two.



-18 styles for combat and espionage



-Hand-to-hand combat/throwing

Moi Fah

-North Chinese

-Variant of Kung Fu



-Powerful hand chops

 Arsenal’s I will say Scorpion has more but Ghostrider has 1 thing he can use to win. That is the  penance stare which reflects all of your sins back on to you. But Scorpion has a bigger variety then Ghostrider. Scorpion can teleport breath fire so can Ghostrider the breathing fire part not teleport. Scorpion has sword ninja stars and his scorpion spear. Also he can take people to the  Netherrealm AKA Hell. Which increases Scorpions strength with no limits. 


Related image
Cant do anything about the size just look up scorpion facts MK and just look around for it 







Durability is another win for Ghostrider the only way to kill him is with a holy weapon. You can kill scorpion but is sure is hard to kill since he is already dead.


Skill  Ninjutsu


-18 styles for combat and espionage



-Hand-to-hand combat/throwing

Moi Fah

-North Chinese

-Variant of Kung Fu



-Powerful hand chops


Is everything Scorpion knows in fights witch Ghostrider is more of a Brawler 


 How does this fight play out well here is how I see it. Also if Ghostrider get KO or Jonny lrtd go Zarathos takes over which is the demon inside of Jonny.  


So the fight would probably take place in a Death Tournament. Were Scorpion kills Reptile and then Ghostrider ride his bike in to arena.


Hanzo Hasashi  I am here to wreak  vengeance upon your soul,” Ghostrider says.


GhostRider then gets off his bike and his bike goes back to hell.  


Scorpion Just puts up his fist ready to Fight 




GhostRider chargers Scorpion. As Ghostrider is about to  

Punch Scorpion he teleports and punches Ghostrider in the back of the head. Ghost Rider stumbles forward but regains his Balance and turns around and punches scorpion in the face sending him flying across the battlefield. Ghostrider shoots hell fire at him, Scoring then does a backflip lands it and teleports above him and kicks him the head casing Ghostrider head to explode. Scorpion lands and begins to 


walk away when a fiery chain wraps around him. Scorpion screams in pain. Then he teleports behind Ghostrider and grabs him.


“To Hell with you,” Scorpion said as he takes him to hell.

They both land on the floors of hell. Scorpion and Ghostrider get into a fighting position. Scorpion using his Ninja skills to his advantage. Scorpion teleports feather in front of him. Scorpion shoots his Scorpion chain at him which hits him in the chest. Ghostrider looks down at the chain.


“GEt OVER HERE,” shouts  Scorpion.

Scorpion pulls him into a punch and lands it Ghostrider goes flying and Scorpion hooks him again and repeats it over and over. Scorpion punches Ghostrider to the Ground. Scorpion takes out his sword when an explosion happens. Zarathos has awaken inside Ghostrider. Scorpion runs at Ghostrider punches Scorpion in the face. Scorpion drops his sword as he is flying.

Scorpion tries his chain trick again. When he shoots is Ghostrider catches the chain and pulls Scorpion in and punches him to the ground. Ghostrider picks up Scorpion.

“Look into my eyes,” Ghostrider says.

Scorpian looks into his eyes and begins to scream in horror.

“Feel the pain,” Ghostrider says. Scorpion eyes are cole clark with red hot. Ghostrider then Grabs Scorpion by the head and crushes it. Ghost Rider blood shocked  hands drop Scorpions body and he turns around and walks away.




Scorpion may have been better trained and skilled  but telaportaion was useful for a bit and he had mastered a ton of Martial arts then Ghostrider but Ghostrider was Stronger, Faster more  Durable and had a healing factor.

Scorpion also had no way to kill the Ghostrider simple he stood no chance with out of. Also Scorpion was not imune the the stare he does have a soul after all so the star would work. Zarathos did not even to be used since his fight with the Devil destroy gyaxes. 


The Winner is: Ghostrider 


Next Time one Who Would Win



Image result for Taskmaster

TaskMaster VS  ??? find out next time 


Frozen 2, Knifes Out and Ford VS Ferrari

So I am behind on review movies and lucky I saw these 3 I saw Frozen like 2 weeks ago but better movies came up to review or so I thought. Anyway I did see two great  movies over Thanksgiving break and I will start off with Frozen 2.


Did this movie need to happen at all. It was a cash grab I only saw it because  my Driver and her kids wanted to see it and is was 4/1 so I was out number.Disney trade mark animation is it looks really good and it dose here, but its predictable and boring also the pacing is pretty slow witch never help. The movie is not funny and it tries to be funny and it dose not. Elsa is the only character that has something to do everyone else is just kinda there.

The main reason why I didn’t it is because it felt unnecessary to make. Like all the Disney remakes and equals. The movie is enjoyable at times throughout out the movie .

My score is a 4.5/10 its pretty bad

Knives Out


This movie reminded me of clue and there is a clue reference in here witch is what I wanted. Knives Out is pretty good. Its fun the characters are good and its kind of funny at times. 007 is grate I will  him  call him that for the review. The house in the film wow it is grate. This  movie is a murder mystery  kind of movie and it works.  for the mots  part. This movie dose drag a little and some small nitpicks I have with it I liked it. We have a good female lead good Performance  from a lot of them. The twist tho is my biggest problem and it tires to be smart and it dose not work for me. It has so many twist and turns and I got confused a little. The ending I felt fit the movies well and I did know who the killer was I just took a guess and I was right,


7.5/10  its a good movie


Ford VS Ferrari


It is here the finial movie I have to review. I love this movie everything  just works from the acting to lien delivery to the story just makes a really good movie. Its funny enjoyable  movie to watch. You have such likable charters as the leads and even some side character are good as well. The race scenes are grate and enjoyable to watch. The ending of this movie is kind of on a sower note witch is a good way to end a movie its a different ending  then  most movies now days . The kid was alright I guess the worst  actor  for sure.I think that is it.


9.5/10 grate movie go see it