The Silver Bullet Halloween review

Since its October I decided to watch a few movies for October so I watched Steven Kings The Silver Bullet  and it was pretty bad.


What I Like

I like out lead character Marty and their Uncle Red and some of the effects are pretty cool I guess. Some of the kills are nice you got a grate opening  kill  witch is grate.


What I did not like


This movie has a wig problem when it comes to Marty sister it looks fake, This movie has some weird lien delivery it comes off  weird and unconvincing sometimes. The biggest problem is the transformation scenes  look fake  and it took me out of the movie.

My score


3/10 Since this was a DVD movie I will give it the second score




So I saw Abominable and its was good as of know its my 22ND favorite movie I have seen out of the 76 I have seen so far. Anyway lets talk about it.


The Stuff I Liked


I like the look of the movie some of the charterers are good my favorite being the playboy or his brother or the lead they are all OK in my option. The Creature  looked alright   I guess. The story I guess is alright. I was entertained through out most of it .


The Stuff I didn’t Like


The comedy is so bad and it got cringe at times. The creature was a plot device if you have seen it you know what I mean. There hair never changes at all. it always is in the same place is drags in a few parts and my final complaint   is the Villains are bad it dose this 180 twist and you don’t care at all about the twist its just there to surprise  a few people.


My score


6/10 and I think its up to you to see it.

SHAFT 2019 review

So I rented it from REDBOX so I did save a lot of money.


What I liked


Its not afraid to take jabs at people.  Samuel L. Jackson is the best part of the movie with out a question. He is having  a blasted in this movie and the movie has some good action sense and some good blood effects and some and is entertaining  at times. Also it has some laughs.


What I did not Like

The first 20 minutes of the movie is boring and filled with horrible acting. Shaft’s son is really bad in this and he dose get better latter on in the movie. everyone  else is like that pretty much besides his mom and girlfriend they are just there. The Villains suck they are one demoniacally and have no personality and its predictable as hell and I hate Predicable stuff.  When ever Shafts off screen the movie is boring.



5/10 and I think you can skip it if I am being honest


I am late on the movie I saw it over the weekend so you can stop complaining well its not like anyone reads these anyway so what do I think of the movie well its above average.


What I liked

is the grown up versions of the loser club. why worked very well together, The movie actually was pretty entertaining  and, that is how I ranked movies or off story and messaging stuff like that. It had some good kills Pennywise  is once again great and, the was this one scene that is so funny in a good way you will know if you see it. The long run time of 3h did not bother me surprisingly.

The Stuff I didn’t  like

The worst thing about this movie is the 2ND and 3rd act. The 3rd act was a lot of flashing light and made my eyes almost bleed at least the final fight was. the 2 ED act was just jump scare after jump scare and the 3rd time it happens I was use to it 2 more happen in the 3rd  and I did not expect them and i was unfazed by them. When it flashed back to them as kids they seemed out of charter for some reason idk it just might have been me. This movie dose suffer from sequelitst.



6.5/10 and, go see it if you liked Chapter 1 but its not as good at Chapter 1.




Rambo Last Blood Review

I am back again I just need a good movie to talk about these days since yesterday I saw 3 bad movies so I thought I would review the only good movie I saw and lets began and one more thing I am changing my grading system.


What I liked:As some one who has never seen a Rambo movie I enjoyed quite a bit. The movie is pretty graphic and bloody with me is a grate  have in an action movie. The acting is good for the most part the best being Rambo himself . The villains of the work as well its a real world problem that they handled pretty well I think. The movie is entertaining  2/3rd of the way through you have some good action scenes in there as well. This I think was a good send off for this character


What I did not like: some scenes felt a little off like it was a different movie. the 2ed act was pretty boring  and felt kind of pointless in someways. Some of the acting was bad Rambo daughter being one of them she is there just to die his maid or whatever she was was meh.


My score the number score is still there 6.5/10 and I would recamended it

Spiderman Far From Home review

I know it has been a while I have seen a lot of movies but I have not reviewed them beaches i am lazy and I kind of lost interest since I don’t get views. Anyway lets start the review.


So Spider man Far From home is the squeal  the Spider-man Homecoming  and picks off after Endgame just so everyone is on the same page here


The Good

I love what they have done with Spider-man here you get to follow a Spider-man that is overshadowed by Iron mans death and you can tell it means a lot to him seeing another father figure die again. The Villain is fantastic in this movie played by Jack Gyllenhaal is grate and I love it. His motive is you understand why he is doing what he is doing. I like his story arc. This is the perfect summer superhero movies it is just a blast to watch. Tom Halland is grate as Spider man again. Everyone works well in this movie. No this is not good as spider verse.

The Bad is just some plot hole stuff.

The score B+ 89% and a 9/10

John Wick Chapter 3 and BrightBurn Review

Since I am behind on some review so I decided to just combine the two together John Wick and Brightbrun.


John Wick is the 3RD film in the franchise and it did not disappoint in the least.



The Good

This movie has the best action I have seen in my life. The camera work is steady during fight scenes its chop quick cuts over and over like we have seen before. The acting is on point everyone is great with what they are giving even Catwe I mean Halle Barry. The story is quite easy to follow and, John’s motives make sense to why he did what he did.  The score is one of the favorite things I have heard in a movie. Some of the sets look really great. The best thing is the stunt work it is unbelievable not like Mission Impossible or anything but its still unbelievable.


The Bad


My only problems are just a few pacing issues.


My Score


A 9/10 95%

Brightbrun review


So Brightburn is about what if Superman was evil  is basically what the movie is about


The Good


The acting is great from the two parents evil Superman was great I am just going to keep calling him evil Superman. The sets look nice for a 6 Million $ budget. The storytelling of the movie works for many reasons that I am not going to get into because of spoilers.  The score was one of the most horrifying this I have ever heard it was so creepy that is worked. The deaths in this movie were fantastic I think 266 people died  I think. Evil Superman costume looked great.



The bad

The pacing.


My score

A   8.5/10 87%



Rim of The Wolrd Review

Rim of the World Netflixs Review


Soooo I watch this movie since it’s not like I have a good movie to review or something.





Oh right I still have John Wick 3 to talk about. Oh well, I’ll get to this one later, so what do I think of Rim of The World in one world I would say Sloppy let me explain.


The Good: I always start with the positive since I try to be positive most of the time at least. I like one of the child actors who played Gabirel he was the only likable character, The score is fine I guess. It’s slightly enjoyable and,  I think that ends the positive stuff.


The Bad: Spoiler Warning i am going into spoilers here. I hated the first like 20 minutes of this movie.  It was the worst thing I think I have seen this year. I thought it was in comparison with the worst movie of the year, but it got better but not by much this movie still sucks let me explain. The dialogue if the worst thing I think I have heard in my small short life. It cringes at times. The acting is terrible which is not surprising since they’re kids and can’t really act but they’re still bad. Another thing I do not like is the special effects look horrible looked like a PlayStation 2 cutscene. The worst thing in this movie is the comedy. The jokes they used were so bad I thought I could not finish the movie a lot of them were really bad. Now I get into the spoiler warnings. My biggest problem is that this movie feels like it is missing scenes and also nothing makes sense I’ll explain. So there ‘s this alien and for some reason, it can find out the main characters are and this happens 5x I think. When I say this movie feels like it is missing scenes I am not joking it makes no sense this happens often. Also, we got like 2-3min of Adidas or Under Armour and it was cringing anyway I am done talking about this movie


D, 2/10 20%/100        

Happy Death Day 2U Review

So I finally saw Happy Death day 2 and it was Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not saying it was bad but why did this movie happen.


The Good


I like most of the acting here mainly from our lead actor and her BF their relationship  for some reason felt real and is on of the best parts of the movie. I like the 3RD act its enjoyable I was never board while I was watching I gusset its shot well. You have some likeable characters and all but nothing amazing or anything.

The Bad

Why did this movie happen. Happy Death day was a fun enjoyable slasher film. My main problem is that it was almost a retelling of the first one besides something’s are changed. Dose not help that is was predicable who the killer was before the movie even came out witch sucked. Also did not help the some of the movie is cringe worthy bad.

My Score C+ 5/10 55%/100

Detective Pikachu Review

So I saw detective Pikachu and, it was alright. I guess. what else can you expect from a live action Pokémon movie.



The Good

I like the world they built  here feels like a real place I was invested in the world that they built. I like Ryan Reynolds, I even liked Justice Smith in this, they get a good job with there rolls. I like some of the CG Pokémon Bulbasaur looks good. Pikachu looks good as well. I like the 3RD act of this movie even the 2ED act I like most of the movie. most of this movie is enjoyable you get like 2 Pokémon battles maybe more Idk. I kind of like the effects. Mewtwo was alright .  The story has some weight to it which I liked.


The Bad

I really did not like the reporter character she just did not fit into this movie for some reason I also did not the story for reasons I cant get into because of spoilers. one of the biggest problems I had with this movie is that it is not funny  at all. One of my biggest problems I have with this movie is that it feels fake I do like this world they built tho it just feels fake to me I could not get over that most of these are CG characters. Gengar  looked really bad.


My Score

B- 6/10 60%/100