Mortal Kombat 2021 review

So I saw the new MK movie Yesterday, and here are my opinions on the movie.

If you played the games, you understand the story of Mortal Kombat, and a Tournament is held every few years to decide the fate of Earth Realm, and if you win ten tournaments in a row, then our world gets to take over Erath Relm. So after we get Scorpion’s backstory, the story follows this MMA fighter named Cole young, who is not from the games. He was made up for story purposes as an MK fan that bothers me a little. There are so many characters to pick from. They could have picked Jonny Cage and done a MK 9 story. Cole is like Bella from Twilight, not character besides a small few. So Cole has this dragon birthmark meaning he has been chosen to be one of the champions. So after his fight, he and his wife and child get attacked by Sub-Zero, who wants to kill him. Later on, Raiden, an elder god, says that they need to unlock their Akana, which will give them their abilities. I find that plot line to be so stupid. It couldn’t be that hard to explain that Kung Loa hat always him to teleport and Liu Kang fire comes from his chi. It would be easy for Kano to do. Maybe what they did with Jax would have been easier having something happen to his eye and have him get a robot one like in the games. Something I will not hold back on is the dialogue is terrible. I went into this not expecting good discussion but not this bad. It gets better a little but not much. Another issue we are supposed to believe they are cousins, but they don’t bound enough for us to care about when something bad happens. They get one fight scene together and one dinner scene of them bounding. Probably my biggest issue with my movie is how it treats the villains like they are filler trash. Besides Sub-Zero, he is good, but I will get to that later. Shang Tsung dosn;t get named until his 3rd time on screen. Kabal is just wasted like how the rest of them are. Reiko is nothing like how he is in the games, where is he a good strategist in battle but he just a jobber in this movie. This movie treats fan-favorite characters like throw-away villains. For a Mortal Kombat movie, there isn’t a tone of gore, really kind of disappointing. Scorpion is barely in the movie. Raiden is an asshole, and the final negative is Cole’s family is useless and boring. The good is the fighting is fun to watch, and gore is good even tho there isn’t a ton of it. The opening scene is good. Sub-Zero is fantastic, and his ice effects look excellent. I liked all the references and callbacks to the games. I liked seeing some of my favorite characters for a few seconds. The final fight is cool IG. My final score will be a C+ and a 6/10

Thirst 2015 review

Since there are no available 2021 movies out yet, so I have been watching some movies and I found one I wanted to review. The movie I decided to review is a 2015 movie called thirsty. Anyway the movie is about this camp in the desert for bad kids to get them a new life. The main character named Roth Young the trail guide, and his uncle and aunt who run the place. So after the kids arrive they get sometime to show how much you hate most of them. three of these characters you will hate. Two of them are dicks and one is just a dumb ass and gets people killed. Anyway what else happens. Anyways Roth dose not want to do the trail thing cuz the kids his age wont respect him and, they don’t. He walks in on one of the girls changer so there in love know Most of them hate him for no reason. SO anyways they have them put there stuff in a boxes and, they get to hiking. Later that night a stamped ruins their camp. The next morning the two adults find a car with a dead body of their old trail guide drains of blood. The uncle wants to go back but his wife is like. No if we go back you go to jail for hitting one of the kids. So later that night one of the kids needs to pee and the uncle goes with him and, they see a giant lizard monster that kill Roth’s uncle. So Roth has an idea to go to a cave where they can hid out of the night and one of the kids dies. The acting so for it OK you can say. The most looks pretty good as well.. Then it just picks them off one by one. It kills his mom, some girl and some pilot. When they show the monster in the day it looks really bad . It looks so silly. So after the helicopter crashes the remaining 4 go to his grandmas house. I skipped a lot cuz its mostly the same with is aunt being dumb and the monster also being dumb. So the mean kid steals the car and then Roth chases after him and the car thief ends up get eaten by the monster. It kidnaps the love interest. Why idk so the last kid who has not died or been captured is really smart so after Roth saves her and bring it back for a trap and it fails his grandmother killers her self and blows up the monster. This movie is kind of bad. After they find the body they should have went back if they did they would all be alive still. The things they do make are so dumb. The love stuff is so boring and cringe. But the monster looks cool in the dark not in the day light. The kills good acting is OK.

Thirst gets a 4/10 and a C

Ranking every movie of 2020 I watched

I will go there them and give them a short review of why its what ever number it is on my list

1 Bad Boys for Life 

This was the most fun I had in the theater all year. It was fun and exciting to watch and was the most enjoyable film of the year.

2 Mortal Kombat Scorpion’s Revenge 

Again this is just a super enjoyable movie, it has the blood and guts I love and my two favorite characters

3 The Gentleman 

A funny movie with a grate soundtrack. The characters are really good and a really good time

 4 Invisible

The best horror movie of the year the ending sucks but it makes up for it in everything else from the music to everthing else.

5 The Baby SIster 2 

A funny dark slasher movie everything I love in 1 so I liked it.

6 Project Power 

A surprises for me I liked the action, the characters the powers and a really good story

7 JL Dark Apolicips war
A good animated DC movie. Good story good fight scenes and good characters just a good overall movie

8 Sonic 

A fun adventure movie

9 The Hunt

A dark political comedy that is actually funny

10 The Way Back

A very good story driven movie.

11 Birds of Prey  

12 Call of the wild

13 BulletProof 2 

14 The debt collector 2 

  15 Dragonheart Vengence 

16 Onward 

Good story

17 Spencer confidential

A surprising good and funny movie

18 Extrusion 

19 The Old Gaurd 

20 El Cappon 

Good moive good acting from To m hardy

21 Coffee and Kreme 

22 Bloodshot 

fun action superhero movie

23 Underwater 

Not a bad monster movie in feb  

24 Fall from Grace 

dont remember much about this so idk

25 Fantasy island 

A decent TV show remake.

26 Scoob

As a huge scooby doo fan I am disappointed but it was not all bad good models for the characters good music and an OK story

27 Camra Monster

A funny terrible movie

28 Proximity 

good alien movie I gusse.

29 Night clerk 

Meh just meh good acting and ending.

30  Live once love twice 

A good family movie that is good

31  The grudge 

I didnt think this movie was that bad not good but not terrible

32 John Henry 

a meh movie with a bad ending

33 #ALIVE 

A good zombie movie

34 The Lovebirds 

Unfunny but good acting and characters keep it good 

35 ghost stories 

Terrible ADR and effects but its super funny in a bad way

36 Allday and a night  

this movie is just decent

37  Airplane mode 

cringe unfunny makes me wanna die

38 Jack in the box

A pretty good horror movie but it sure isn’t good either.

39  House Girl 

Bad moive

40 Deeps blue sea 3 

This movie dose not kill a single female charter so its sexist to men. But in all seriousness its just not very good.

41 Force of nature 

Just a bland ass movie. 

42 The Turning

Terrible ending and it was boring

43 We Sumon Darkness

Predictable movie and mostly badly acted
44 Unknown Origins

A weird superhero movie that is bad

45 Blood and Money

A movie that is so bad its funny

46 Twin murders the silence of the white city  

a boring ass movie

47 The Hater

Another bad Netflixs movie

48 The Bridge Curse 

The ending is actually good but nothing else is  

49 Lost Bullets 

A dumb terrible movie

50 Unatrul behaver

a Ok story a decent jump scare but nothing else is any good

51 47 hours

a rip off of countdown but a little better

52 Survive The Night 

The two criminals are by far the best part of this movie but everything else sucks ass

53 The Sleepover 

Boring cringe a fully of people who can not act

54 Hansle and grettle 

Cringe and not scary and shitty actingun

55 Bulbbui 

Another scary shitty movie with people who can not act

56 Hubi Halloween 

Its unfunny and terrible

57 Ouji Shark

What do you expert from this movie its bad

58    Downhill  

unfunny, bring portly acted movie

59 Rempttwon

un scary terrible movie that makes 0 scene


I completly forgot about this movie

61 All the freckles in the world 

Most unlikable character ever put to screen he is a huge dick and dose not learn his lesson

62 Cuties 

The worst thing ever made cuz of how gross it is and how it sexualized children and have a child show her tit. Ya this movie is the worst of the year no question


Many of you probably don’t even know that this movie existed until now, and it was pretty funny in the wrong way.
Anyway, the movie starts with a guy finding a Jack in the box, and he shows it to his wife, and when he leaves, it pops out and killers her. The gore is solid for the most part. So the guy gets blamed for the murder, and then we meet Casey’s main character, and his performance is weird. It’s a bit over the top sometimes. So he is, I think house sitting or something with his friend named Liz and she is not very good. No one in this movie is good. So anyway, he finds the Jack in the box, and a bunch of spooky things happens. it gets into this weird thing how there is a demon inside the box and all that stuff. I will say the demon looked pretty good and all. Later that night, two robbers break in and die and, it needs to kill the 6’s, chosen victims to kill. After then, nothing else really happens. It’s the same until the end. So later on in the movie, the demon knocks him out, and Liz gets him fired cuz she thinks he is crazy, and then he goes to finds someone to help him kill it by doing a ritual, but you can’t leave any of it out or it will come back. So she dies, and he gets blamed and gets locked away while Liz almost dies, digs it up, and then dies.
So ya this was not a very good movie I will give it a C- and a 3/10

Tricker or Treat Review

I have been busy with school so I have not been uploading and I watched Trickier Treat and here are my thoughts on the movie.

The plot is about 4 different stories

That tacks place on Halloween. So it opens up with a woman blowing out a pumpkin before Halloween night is over so this. Child thing murders her in a pretty cool death. Then we go to the next part where some girls buy costuming and kids smacking jack-o-lantern so basic Halloween stuff, so a teacher kills a child and uses his head and carves thing with his son. I will say the props are pretty good here as well. The acting tho can be a bit weird, like with the kid actors who are not good. There is one girl actor who I can not stand. And she lets four people die over a joke, so good job. All of the stories are watched by the kid from the beginning
Another thing I don’t like is how the next story is. I wouldn’t say I like it cuz it is weird and gross a bunch of horny werewolves. I will say the effects of the transformation are perfect. The last story is probably the best since it’s more interesting than the rest, and how it ends is pretty dam good. I don’t like some other stuff because some of the actors have bad lien delivery, but this movie is still pretty good. 7/10 and a B+

Creepshow Season 1 ep 1 2019 Review

Hello, my fellow horror fans, it has been a while since I last posted, so here I am talking the new Creepshow from SHUDDER. I will be posting more know because why not. There are 12 episodes. I will give a short review a number grade and then rank them all. I will one day review the first two because we don’t talk about the 3rd one. Steven King and Gorge created this franchise.

Episode 1 Grey Matter

Grey Matter is was a go 0od way to start the series. It has decent acting for the most part. You can find easter eggs, which is always a good thing. It has Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. He is probably the best out of the acting in this EP. The story follows these people who work at a store, and a Huracain is going to hit them, so everyone leaves town. So this kid walks in to get his dad some beer, and one of them notices that he has not been feed very good. The cop and his friend go over to his dad’s house, so we get a flashback into the kid’s past. The kid’s name is Tim, btw. So Tim’s mom died, and his dad started to drink, and he promises his son he will quite, and something happens where he turns into a blue slime monster, and it looks really good for most of it since its mostly practical.
When the cop and his friend get to the house, it’s scorching inside the house like over 100 degrees. They find their way to the upstairs living room. Ya, don’t think about the layout of the house if you have seen the show. So they wander around the room and find a dead cat’s skeleton, and one of them runs and pukes in the bathroom and find two dead bodies that look great. The gore in this show is really good. They took their time with it, and it pays off for the most part. Anyway, the two guys try to leave, and they run into the monster that looks so good.
So the cops try to shoot shot it and dies. So the Doctor runs back to the store after Tim told that he sent them there to die. It ends with the Doctor getting back to the shop then; someone says they have six days till the world ends and then the monster breaks through the roof and kills the Doctor and then ends

Mortal Kombat: Legends Scorpions Revenge

For those who do not know, I love Mortal Kombat and, I was looking forward to this movie and, I was not disappointed at all.
The is a movie based on the first MK game but threw the eyes Scorpion. Scorpion is the only character with an arc, Jonny Cage is building his arc since there is a sequel in the works hopefully but what did I like about the movie. The animation is good; it mixes with the blood and murder really well. If there is one thing I do wish there was more of was the tournament since it kind of goes away from it for like 15 minutes and, then, we get one more tournament fight. This movie is more of a revenge story, and you understand why Scorpion does want his revenge. His whole clan, wife, and kid were murdered. His kid was killed right in front of him.

This movie leads up to characters that are still developing. This movie has a lot of references to the games. It has X rays it has Jonny Cage nut punch, the GET OVER HERE lien that. Scorpion says. The twist is fine, I guess. The comedy was fine as well as nothing too bad. There are three tournament fights. I will say how the animated the X rays were really well done. The character’s design looked perfect. Scorpion looked at the best IMO. Sub Zero I wish got more time on-screen witch is a let down since Sub Zero is my 2ed fav MK character. I did want some more characters like Fujin and Sindel would have been cool to see. This movie is very entertaining to watch despite the problems I have with it I will give MK Legends Scorpions Revenge a B+ and a 7.5/10.

John Wick and Matrixs Trilogy review

I have seen all 6 of these movies and I will review them and then rank them I will use a wheel spinner to see which one I will talk about first and it looks like I will be talking about John Wick first

John Wick is a really good movie. I have only seen this movie 2 times in my life and I thought it was really good.  Keanu Reeves is really good as John Wick. There is no replacing John Wick, Keanu Reeves will always be John Wick. The other best part and other actors. The movie can drag a little at times but it makes up for it in how awesome the action is. There is no shaky cam it’s all clear and in focus. I will give John Wick an A-

Next up is John Wick 2 on the wheel.

John Wick 2 is pretty good not as good as the first IMO. The action is better and the ending is also good. Keanu Reeves is once again great as John Wick. The side characters are also good. But IDK something just has just bothered me a little but I got over it pretty fast. I do like the villain but his plan does not work for me. SO he hires John Wick to kill his sister and after he does he put a bounty on him  something like that, Anyway John Wick 2 gets a B+

The wheel pick the Matrix 2

God, where do I begin with this movie? I will say The action is good and Mr. Reeves is good other actors are good. But this movie is so boring. It is so fucking slow and boring that I did not even wanna watch it. God this was a huge letdown from the first one. There are some upsides to this movie like I said some of the action. Not that rooftop fight scene where they look like rubber. C-

The wheel landed on The Matrix 3

The 3rd movie is actually pretty good not gonna lie. It has good action it is fun has good action and a really good final fight that I think is really good.  I think this is a lot better than the 2ED one. This movie is pretty entertaining to watch. I think this closed the franchise kind of nicely until the 4th on comes out. B

The Matrix is the best one in the franchise I don’t think people will have a problem with that. The movies has good acting and had good action scenes.  People seem to really love this movie and I agree with them a little. I do not hate the sequals I just think its a let down. B+


John Wick 3 Is a good movie still not as good as the first but still good in it’s own right. Once again the action and acting are good the music is good as well. a good villain and a good set up for another John Wick movie. B+ as well.


Ranking time

Matrix movies


Matrix 3

Matrix 2


John Wick

John Wick 3

John Wick 2

All together know


John Wick

John Wick 3


Matrix 3

John Wick 2

Matrix 2

The Worst Netflix movie. Sabrina

Since the Cronovires I have not been able to see movies in the theater, so I decided to look for the worst movies on Netflix and I found Sabrina. Not the TV show but a movie called Sabrina nothing to do with the TV show. So is this movie good? No, it is not good and here is why.

I will say at least there is no ADR. That is the only good thing about this movie.

The acting is the worst acting I have seen no one seems to care. The jumpscares are funny tho. The sad thing is that it is not even scary, it is just boring.  There is a scene where you could see the monster off-screen waiting for their cue. This movie has 4 climaxes it is so weird. Even the kills are not grated. The demon possession is funny, cause it sucks.  God, I don’t even wanna talk about this movie it gets and D- and a 2/10.

I will have a John Wick Trilogy review and ranked them all.

Invisible Man Review

Another Dark Univers attempted to start a shared universe I think. If it is them I would like to see more. Not a sequel since that would be fucking stupid. Anyway, let just start my pointless review that probably no one will read.


Our lead character is kind of bad her lien delivery is weird and she not very good in the movie.  There is a shit tome of things that don’t make any sense at all and after a while, it kind of drags on you. The first few minutes are really boring and bad. The ending also kind of sucks and also if you think about it, it does not make a whole lot of sense. OK, My last complaint I have that it is not really scary its a different type of scary, I’ll get into that in the positives You really don’t get to know much about her EX you get a little bit but I  wanted more from his character.  I am done complaining about this movie I can get into the positives. Also, it’s kind of predictable. There are also a lot of deleted scenes, not a problem just something I noticed.

Side note there was this review that is so funny and it is a review says The invisible man shows the danger of not believing women in the #METO era. I just think that’s a joke since think of this a girl say a man is stalking her and is invisible you would probably think they are crazy.  Don’t believe people on gender believe facts and evidence that are prevented. Since he is found dead by the police and she says it’s him so she would sound crazy. Just say that her review is kind of a joke in my opinion.  It is from Buzzfeed and we all know that Buzzfeed is kind of a joke.

I like the score for the movie it’s very unsettling.  This movie has two really great scenes. I was expecting one of them since it was in the trailer and that was kind of scary. The other scene took me by surprise because I was not expecting. What the scariest thing about this movie is, is that you don’t know where he is at and, that he could be right behind you and you would not be able to see him. Most of the other character is, in my opinion, better than out lead character.  The movie is suspenseful and entertaining. Our lead does shine in a few good scenes. The last hour is easily the best part of the film. That is how you build up to something.  I liked how he turns invisible it was very cool and it looks good. There are scenes where, the camera turns to nothing and its supposed to imply that someone is there and, it works latter one.  I wish the hand that hand pressing agents the shower scene that would have been good to see in the movie.  I did see the is a 4D theater so the sound was a lot better and the picture was better. So the whole experience was better I think in those surroundings. I think I can know to give this movie a grade.


My score

I will give The Invisible a B and an 8/10 and its a clsoe call to an 8. Anyway thanks again for reading another one of my blogs and you should read some more I have that you can read, and have a nice day.