Frozen 2, Knifes Out and Ford VS Ferrari

So I am behind on review movies and lucky I saw these 3 I saw Frozen like 2 weeks ago but better movies came up to review or so I thought. Anyway I did see two great  movies over Thanksgiving break and I will start off with Frozen 2.


Did this movie need to happen at all. It was a cash grab I only saw it because  my Driver and her kids wanted to see it and is was 4/1 so I was out number.Disney trade mark animation is it looks really good and it dose here, but its predictable and boring also the pacing is pretty slow witch never help. The movie is not funny and it tries to be funny and it dose not. Elsa is the only character that has something to do everyone else is just kinda there.

The main reason why I didn’t it is because it felt unnecessary to make. Like all the Disney remakes and equals. The movie is enjoyable at times throughout out the movie .

My score is a 4.5/10 its pretty bad

Knives Out


This movie reminded me of clue and there is a clue reference in here witch is what I wanted. Knives Out is pretty good. Its fun the characters are good and its kind of funny at times. 007 is grate I will  him  call him that for the review. The house in the film wow it is grate. This  movie is a murder mystery  kind of movie and it works.  for the mots  part. This movie dose drag a little and some small nitpicks I have with it I liked it. We have a good female lead good Performance  from a lot of them. The twist tho is my biggest problem and it tires to be smart and it dose not work for me. It has so many twist and turns and I got confused a little. The ending I felt fit the movies well and I did know who the killer was I just took a guess and I was right,


7.5/10  its a good movie


Ford VS Ferrari


It is here the finial movie I have to review. I love this movie everything  just works from the acting to lien delivery to the story just makes a really good movie. Its funny enjoyable  movie to watch. You have such likable charters as the leads and even some side character are good as well. The race scenes are grate and enjoyable to watch. The ending of this movie is kind of on a sower note witch is a good way to end a movie its a different ending  then  most movies now days . The kid was alright I guess the worst  actor  for sure.I think that is it.


9.5/10 grate movie go see it


Dark Fate review

So I got around to see Dark Fate instead  of seeing knifes out early and it was worse then I imaged it would be.


The Bad This movie dose nothing new with the franchisees at all its the same story besides its 3/5 female leads. The comedy is so awful and not funny and I just wanted to leave. The dialogue is truly bad even from Linda Halmition who is good when she has something to do. Out John Conner knock off since they killed him so see is the new savior and she is truly  awful. She is there for a politely piece and it so forced. Our time travel savior is just so bad and unfunny like almost everyone in this. The story makes no scene at all. So the movie takes place after T2 so they stop judgment day so somehow another Terminator is still there since they sent more then one back. Somehow there is this new one called something since I forgot. This movie has a CG problem they over use it and I was taken out of the movie and they just keep doing using it over and over. I think that’s    for my complaining. Just kidding the 3rd act sucks a lot a huge CG mess of a movie. I did want to sleep during the movie.

The Good

When Arnold shows up it gets a lot better prob he is the only one with anything to do, He is funny witch surprised me also this new Terminator is good as well also has some funny moments. It was intertwining when Arnold was on. Not a good movie if you can tell.



My Score 3/10 or a 4/10 Idc I will just give it a 3.5/10.



JoJo Rabbit review

So I finally saw jojo Rabbit and it was actually  good I did not think it would be good.


The Bad


I did not like Rebel Wilson she is not a good actress and she’s not funny. Just my thoughts of her. They used the Hitler then to much it got old pretty fast. Not all the jokes land but the ones that do are really good and are funny. I think that’s all my complaints about JoJo Rabbit.


The Good



So thankfully the rest of the acting is good. Sam Rockwell is good  Taika Waititi is also grate as Hitler. Our lead is also grate the most likable character in the movie. Everyone is grate besides Rebel Wilson. This movie is more of a dark comedy and I think it works for the most part. The movie is paced very well. The  girl in the wall is fine she is there for plot reasons its because I cant jay she’s Jewish but idc what I say anyway back on topic.


My Score


7.5/10 and I would recommend this movie if you like comedy

The Lost Boys review Halloween special

The Lost Boys

What I liked


I liked the setting of the movie takes place in Santa Cruz witch helps with location. You have a grate cast not going to list them since you most likely  already know some of them. The makeup that they used still holds up it still looks real. I also liked how this movie has a OK twist its nothing special but it works.  My favorite characters are the two brothers and the two Vampire hunters as well as Kiefer Sutherland. The Vampire Hunters are so funny they act to cool and tough but they really are not they just so funny. The older brother is pretty good he has the worst scene in the movie  but besides that he is pretty good. His younger Brother is also alright also what is weird is there is not a lot of blood until the 3rd act then its gets good.

What I did not like

The pacing drags a little some dialogue is bad and this one bad scene were they hang from a train track the scene after that sucks and that’s all my complaining .

My Score

screw it I am bring back the letter score incited of the recommend or not  8/10 and a B+

Joker Review

So I finally get around to talking about a movie that I needed to talk about I did see this like 2 weeks ago and I am now going to review it and this is the 80th movie of 2019 movies I have seen this year


What I liked

The best part of the is Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker you watch this man just have the worst week.  He gets fired from his job and his best friend was responsible for that. His idle makes fun of him on TV. He has mantle problems he takes care of his mom and a lot of bad stuff happens. The movie is kind of dark actually Spoilers warning  3.2.1 The Darkest moment in the movie is were he kills his mom for lying about Bruce Wayne being related end of spoilers , the lighting for this movie is prefect how it changes when he becomes the Joker and it just works for a good movie.  The are some grate moments of dialogue in this movie. Also this has some grate moments as well so do other movies but this has probably one of the best I have seen in awhile. I do want to see more like this from DC and I hope they can keep it up.

What I did not like

It Drags in a few places and just some tiny nitpicks besides that nothing else bothered me .

My  Score

8.5/10 since it has been out for awhile I will not grade it on the other one.

If you want me to review something leave it in the comments below

Graveyard Sift Halloween review


What I liked

I like the creature design it holds up still  in my option some of the kills are pretty solid the effects still kind of hold up unlike the Silver bullet.  You have two like bale charters    in this the lead and this girl  they don’t have any development or anything and the setting and that is about it.


What I did not like


Everything else is bad  the main character has no emotion  his facile expression is almost always the same and everyone is this town is just really rude and I  hated  like every other character in the movie besides like 1 other charter and like all bad things must come to an end and thatch about it for the stuff I did not like.

My score is a 5/10 and I have something I need to tell someone did request a movie for me to review and I want to thank you for viewing my blog Ill find the movie and review when I do


The Silver Bullet Halloween review

Since its October I decided to watch a few movies for October so I watched Steven Kings The Silver Bullet  and it was pretty bad.


What I Like

I like out lead character Marty and their Uncle Red and some of the effects are pretty cool I guess. Some of the kills are nice you got a grate opening  kill  witch is grate.


What I did not like


This movie has a wig problem when it comes to Marty sister it looks fake, This movie has some weird lien delivery it comes off  weird and unconvincing sometimes. The biggest problem is the transformation scenes  look fake  and it took me out of the movie.

My score


3/10 Since this was a DVD movie I will give it the second score




So I saw Abominable and its was good as of know its my 22ND favorite movie I have seen out of the 76 I have seen so far. Anyway lets talk about it.


The Stuff I Liked


I like the look of the movie some of the charterers are good my favorite being the playboy or his brother or the lead they are all OK in my option. The Creature  looked alright   I guess. The story I guess is alright. I was entertained through out most of it .


The Stuff I didn’t Like


The comedy is so bad and it got cringe at times. The creature was a plot device if you have seen it you know what I mean. There hair never changes at all. it always is in the same place is drags in a few parts and my final complaint   is the Villains are bad it dose this 180 twist and you don’t care at all about the twist its just there to surprise  a few people.


My score


6/10 and I think its up to you to see it.

SHAFT 2019 review

So I rented it from REDBOX so I did save a lot of money.


What I liked


Its not afraid to take jabs at people.  Samuel L. Jackson is the best part of the movie with out a question. He is having  a blasted in this movie and the movie has some good action sense and some good blood effects and some and is entertaining  at times. Also it has some laughs.


What I did not Like

The first 20 minutes of the movie is boring and filled with horrible acting. Shaft’s son is really bad in this and he dose get better latter on in the movie. everyone  else is like that pretty much besides his mom and girlfriend they are just there. The Villains suck they are one demoniacally and have no personality and its predictable as hell and I hate Predicable stuff.  When ever Shafts off screen the movie is boring.



5/10 and I think you can skip it if I am being honest


I am late on the movie I saw it over the weekend so you can stop complaining well its not like anyone reads these anyway so what do I think of the movie well its above average.


What I liked

is the grown up versions of the loser club. why worked very well together, The movie actually was pretty entertaining  and, that is how I ranked movies or off story and messaging stuff like that. It had some good kills Pennywise  is once again great and, the was this one scene that is so funny in a good way you will know if you see it. The long run time of 3h did not bother me surprisingly.

The Stuff I didn’t  like

The worst thing about this movie is the 2ND and 3rd act. The 3rd act was a lot of flashing light and made my eyes almost bleed at least the final fight was. the 2 ED act was just jump scare after jump scare and the 3rd time it happens I was use to it 2 more happen in the 3rd  and I did not expect them and i was unfazed by them. When it flashed back to them as kids they seemed out of charter for some reason idk it just might have been me. This movie dose suffer from sequelitst.



6.5/10 and, go see it if you liked Chapter 1 but its not as good at Chapter 1.