Mortal Kombat 2021 review

So I saw the new MK movie Yesterday, and here are my opinions on the movie.

If you played the games, you understand the story of Mortal Kombat, and a Tournament is held every few years to decide the fate of Earth Realm, and if you win ten tournaments in a row, then our world gets to take over Erath Relm. So after we get Scorpion’s backstory, the story follows this MMA fighter named Cole young, who is not from the games. He was made up for story purposes as an MK fan that bothers me a little. There are so many characters to pick from. They could have picked Jonny Cage and done a MK 9 story. Cole is like Bella from Twilight, not character besides a small few. So Cole has this dragon birthmark meaning he has been chosen to be one of the champions. So after his fight, he and his wife and child get attacked by Sub-Zero, who wants to kill him. Later on, Raiden, an elder god, says that they need to unlock their Akana, which will give them their abilities. I find that plot line to be so stupid. It couldn’t be that hard to explain that Kung Loa hat always him to teleport and Liu Kang fire comes from his chi. It would be easy for Kano to do. Maybe what they did with Jax would have been easier having something happen to his eye and have him get a robot one like in the games. Something I will not hold back on is the dialogue is terrible. I went into this not expecting good discussion but not this bad. It gets better a little but not much. Another issue we are supposed to believe they are cousins, but they don’t bound enough for us to care about when something bad happens. They get one fight scene together and one dinner scene of them bounding. Probably my biggest issue with my movie is how it treats the villains like they are filler trash. Besides Sub-Zero, he is good, but I will get to that later. Shang Tsung dosn;t get named until his 3rd time on screen. Kabal is just wasted like how the rest of them are. Reiko is nothing like how he is in the games, where is he a good strategist in battle but he just a jobber in this movie. This movie treats fan-favorite characters like throw-away villains. For a Mortal Kombat movie, there isn’t a tone of gore, really kind of disappointing. Scorpion is barely in the movie. Raiden is an asshole, and the final negative is Cole’s family is useless and boring. The good is the fighting is fun to watch, and gore is good even tho there isn’t a ton of it. The opening scene is good. Sub-Zero is fantastic, and his ice effects look excellent. I liked all the references and callbacks to the games. I liked seeing some of my favorite characters for a few seconds. The final fight is cool IG. My final score will be a C+ and a 6/10

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