Thirst 2015 review

Since there are no available 2021 movies out yet, so I have been watching some movies and I found one I wanted to review. The movie I decided to review is a 2015 movie called thirsty. Anyway the movie is about this camp in the desert for bad kids to get them a new life. The main character named Roth Young the trail guide, and his uncle and aunt who run the place. So after the kids arrive they get sometime to show how much you hate most of them. three of these characters you will hate. Two of them are dicks and one is just a dumb ass and gets people killed. Anyway what else happens. Anyways Roth dose not want to do the trail thing cuz the kids his age wont respect him and, they don’t. He walks in on one of the girls changer so there in love know Most of them hate him for no reason. SO anyways they have them put there stuff in a boxes and, they get to hiking. Later that night a stamped ruins their camp. The next morning the two adults find a car with a dead body of their old trail guide drains of blood. The uncle wants to go back but his wife is like. No if we go back you go to jail for hitting one of the kids. So later that night one of the kids needs to pee and the uncle goes with him and, they see a giant lizard monster that kill Roth’s uncle. So Roth has an idea to go to a cave where they can hid out of the night and one of the kids dies. The acting so for it OK you can say. The most looks pretty good as well.. Then it just picks them off one by one. It kills his mom, some girl and some pilot. When they show the monster in the day it looks really bad . It looks so silly. So after the helicopter crashes the remaining 4 go to his grandmas house. I skipped a lot cuz its mostly the same with is aunt being dumb and the monster also being dumb. So the mean kid steals the car and then Roth chases after him and the car thief ends up get eaten by the monster. It kidnaps the love interest. Why idk so the last kid who has not died or been captured is really smart so after Roth saves her and bring it back for a trap and it fails his grandmother killers her self and blows up the monster. This movie is kind of bad. After they find the body they should have went back if they did they would all be alive still. The things they do make are so dumb. The love stuff is so boring and cringe. But the monster looks cool in the dark not in the day light. The kills good acting is OK.

Thirst gets a 4/10 and a C

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