Ranking every movie of 2020 I watched

I will go there them and give them a short review of why its what ever number it is on my list

1 Bad Boys for Life 

This was the most fun I had in the theater all year. It was fun and exciting to watch and was the most enjoyable film of the year.

2 Mortal Kombat Scorpion’s Revenge 

Again this is just a super enjoyable movie, it has the blood and guts I love and my two favorite characters

3 The Gentleman 

A funny movie with a grate soundtrack. The characters are really good and a really good time

 4 Invisible

The best horror movie of the year the ending sucks but it makes up for it in everything else from the music to everthing else.

5 The Baby SIster 2 

A funny dark slasher movie everything I love in 1 so I liked it.

6 Project Power 

A surprises for me I liked the action, the characters the powers and a really good story

7 JL Dark Apolicips war
A good animated DC movie. Good story good fight scenes and good characters just a good overall movie

8 Sonic 

A fun adventure movie

9 The Hunt

A dark political comedy that is actually funny

10 The Way Back

A very good story driven movie.

11 Birds of Prey  

12 Call of the wild

13 BulletProof 2 

14 The debt collector 2 

  15 Dragonheart Vengence 

16 Onward 

Good story

17 Spencer confidential

A surprising good and funny movie

18 Extrusion 

19 The Old Gaurd 

20 El Cappon 

Good moive good acting from To m hardy

21 Coffee and Kreme 

22 Bloodshot 

fun action superhero movie

23 Underwater 

Not a bad monster movie in feb  

24 Fall from Grace 

dont remember much about this so idk

25 Fantasy island 

A decent TV show remake.

26 Scoob

As a huge scooby doo fan I am disappointed but it was not all bad good models for the characters good music and an OK story

27 Camra Monster

A funny terrible movie

28 Proximity 

good alien movie I gusse.

29 Night clerk 

Meh just meh good acting and ending.

30  Live once love twice 

A good family movie that is good

31  The grudge 

I didnt think this movie was that bad not good but not terrible

32 John Henry 

a meh movie with a bad ending

33 #ALIVE 

A good zombie movie

34 The Lovebirds 

Unfunny but good acting and characters keep it good 

35 ghost stories 

Terrible ADR and effects but its super funny in a bad way

36 Allday and a night  

this movie is just decent

37  Airplane mode 

cringe unfunny makes me wanna die

38 Jack in the box

A pretty good horror movie but it sure isn’t good either.

39  House Girl 

Bad moive

40 Deeps blue sea 3 

This movie dose not kill a single female charter so its sexist to men. But in all seriousness its just not very good.

41 Force of nature 

Just a bland ass movie. 

42 The Turning

Terrible ending and it was boring

43 We Sumon Darkness

Predictable movie and mostly badly acted
44 Unknown Origins

A weird superhero movie that is bad

45 Blood and Money

A movie that is so bad its funny

46 Twin murders the silence of the white city  

a boring ass movie

47 The Hater

Another bad Netflixs movie

48 The Bridge Curse 

The ending is actually good but nothing else is  

49 Lost Bullets 

A dumb terrible movie

50 Unatrul behaver

a Ok story a decent jump scare but nothing else is any good

51 47 hours

a rip off of countdown but a little better

52 Survive The Night 

The two criminals are by far the best part of this movie but everything else sucks ass

53 The Sleepover 

Boring cringe a fully of people who can not act

54 Hansle and grettle 

Cringe and not scary and shitty actingun

55 Bulbbui 

Another scary shitty movie with people who can not act

56 Hubi Halloween 

Its unfunny and terrible

57 Ouji Shark

What do you expert from this movie its bad

58    Downhill  

unfunny, bring portly acted movie

59 Rempttwon

un scary terrible movie that makes 0 scene


I completly forgot about this movie

61 All the freckles in the world 

Most unlikable character ever put to screen he is a huge dick and dose not learn his lesson

62 Cuties 

The worst thing ever made cuz of how gross it is and how it sexualized children and have a child show her tit. Ya this movie is the worst of the year no question

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