Many of you probably don’t even know that this movie existed until now, and it was pretty funny in the wrong way.
Anyway, the movie starts with a guy finding a Jack in the box, and he shows it to his wife, and when he leaves, it pops out and killers her. The gore is solid for the most part. So the guy gets blamed for the murder, and then we meet Casey’s main character, and his performance is weird. It’s a bit over the top sometimes. So he is, I think house sitting or something with his friend named Liz and she is not very good. No one in this movie is good. So anyway, he finds the Jack in the box, and a bunch of spooky things happens. it gets into this weird thing how there is a demon inside the box and all that stuff. I will say the demon looked pretty good and all. Later that night, two robbers break in and die and, it needs to kill the 6’s, chosen victims to kill. After then, nothing else really happens. It’s the same until the end. So later on in the movie, the demon knocks him out, and Liz gets him fired cuz she thinks he is crazy, and then he goes to finds someone to help him kill it by doing a ritual, but you can’t leave any of it out or it will come back. So she dies, and he gets blamed and gets locked away while Liz almost dies, digs it up, and then dies.
So ya this was not a very good movie I will give it a C- and a 3/10

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