Tricker or Treat Review

I have been busy with school so I have not been uploading and I watched Trickier Treat and here are my thoughts on the movie.

The plot is about 4 different stories

That tacks place on Halloween. So it opens up with a woman blowing out a pumpkin before Halloween night is over so this. Child thing murders her in a pretty cool death. Then we go to the next part where some girls buy costuming and kids smacking jack-o-lantern so basic Halloween stuff, so a teacher kills a child and uses his head and carves thing with his son. I will say the props are pretty good here as well. The acting tho can be a bit weird, like with the kid actors who are not good. There is one girl actor who I can not stand. And she lets four people die over a joke, so good job. All of the stories are watched by the kid from the beginning
Another thing I don’t like is how the next story is. I wouldn’t say I like it cuz it is weird and gross a bunch of horny werewolves. I will say the effects of the transformation are perfect. The last story is probably the best since it’s more interesting than the rest, and how it ends is pretty dam good. I don’t like some other stuff because some of the actors have bad lien delivery, but this movie is still pretty good. 7/10 and a B+

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