Creepshow Season 1 ep 1 2019 Review

Hello, my fellow horror fans, it has been a while since I last posted, so here I am talking the new Creepshow from SHUDDER. I will be posting more know because why not. There are 12 episodes. I will give a short review a number grade and then rank them all. I will one day review the first two because we don’t talk about the 3rd one. Steven King and Gorge created this franchise.

Episode 1 Grey Matter

Grey Matter is was a go 0od way to start the series. It has decent acting for the most part. You can find easter eggs, which is always a good thing. It has Jigsaw from the Saw franchise. He is probably the best out of the acting in this EP. The story follows these people who work at a store, and a Huracain is going to hit them, so everyone leaves town. So this kid walks in to get his dad some beer, and one of them notices that he has not been feed very good. The cop and his friend go over to his dad’s house, so we get a flashback into the kid’s past. The kid’s name is Tim, btw. So Tim’s mom died, and his dad started to drink, and he promises his son he will quite, and something happens where he turns into a blue slime monster, and it looks really good for most of it since its mostly practical.
When the cop and his friend get to the house, it’s scorching inside the house like over 100 degrees. They find their way to the upstairs living room. Ya, don’t think about the layout of the house if you have seen the show. So they wander around the room and find a dead cat’s skeleton, and one of them runs and pukes in the bathroom and find two dead bodies that look great. The gore in this show is really good. They took their time with it, and it pays off for the most part. Anyway, the two guys try to leave, and they run into the monster that looks so good.
So the cops try to shoot shot it and dies. So the Doctor runs back to the store after Tim told that he sent them there to die. It ends with the Doctor getting back to the shop then; someone says they have six days till the world ends and then the monster breaks through the roof and kills the Doctor and then ends

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