Mortal Kombat: Legends Scorpions Revenge

For those who do not know, I love Mortal Kombat and, I was looking forward to this movie and, I was not disappointed at all.
The is a movie based on the first MK game but threw the eyes Scorpion. Scorpion is the only character with an arc, Jonny Cage is building his arc since there is a sequel in the works hopefully but what did I like about the movie. The animation is good; it mixes with the blood and murder really well. If there is one thing I do wish there was more of was the tournament since it kind of goes away from it for like 15 minutes and, then, we get one more tournament fight. This movie is more of a revenge story, and you understand why Scorpion does want his revenge. His whole clan, wife, and kid were murdered. His kid was killed right in front of him.

This movie leads up to characters that are still developing. This movie has a lot of references to the games. It has X rays it has Jonny Cage nut punch, the GET OVER HERE lien that. Scorpion says. The twist is fine, I guess. The comedy was fine as well as nothing too bad. There are three tournament fights. I will say how the animated the X rays were really well done. The character’s design looked perfect. Scorpion looked at the best IMO. Sub Zero I wish got more time on-screen witch is a let down since Sub Zero is my 2ed fav MK character. I did want some more characters like Fujin and Sindel would have been cool to see. This movie is very entertaining to watch despite the problems I have with it I will give MK Legends Scorpions Revenge a B+ and a 7.5/10.

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