The Worst Netflix movie. Sabrina

Since the Cronovires I have not been able to see movies in the theater, so I decided to look for the worst movies on Netflix and I found Sabrina. Not the TV show but a movie called Sabrina nothing to do with the TV show. So is this movie good? No, it is not good and here is why.

I will say at least there is no ADR. That is the only good thing about this movie.

The acting is the worst acting I have seen no one seems to care. The jumpscares are funny tho. The sad thing is that it is not even scary, it is just boring.  There is a scene where you could see the monster off-screen waiting for their cue. This movie has 4 climaxes it is so weird. Even the kills are not grated. The demon possession is funny, cause it sucks.  God, I don’t even wanna talk about this movie it gets and D- and a 2/10.

I will have a John Wick Trilogy review and ranked them all.

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