Invisible Man Review

Another Dark Univers attempted to start a shared universe I think. If it is them I would like to see more. Not a sequel since that would be fucking stupid. Anyway, let just start my pointless review that probably no one will read.


Our lead character is kind of bad her lien delivery is weird and she not very good in the movie.  There is a shit tome of things that don’t make any sense at all and after a while, it kind of drags on you. The first few minutes are really boring and bad. The ending also kind of sucks and also if you think about it, it does not make a whole lot of sense. OK, My last complaint I have that it is not really scary its a different type of scary, I’ll get into that in the positives You really don’t get to know much about her EX you get a little bit but I  wanted more from his character.  I am done complaining about this movie I can get into the positives. Also, it’s kind of predictable. There are also a lot of deleted scenes, not a problem just something I noticed.

Side note there was this review that is so funny and it is a review says The invisible man shows the danger of not believing women in the #METO era. I just think that’s a joke since think of this a girl say a man is stalking her and is invisible you would probably think they are crazy.  Don’t believe people on gender believe facts and evidence that are prevented. Since he is found dead by the police and she says it’s him so she would sound crazy. Just say that her review is kind of a joke in my opinion.  It is from Buzzfeed and we all know that Buzzfeed is kind of a joke.

I like the score for the movie it’s very unsettling.  This movie has two really great scenes. I was expecting one of them since it was in the trailer and that was kind of scary. The other scene took me by surprise because I was not expecting. What the scariest thing about this movie is, is that you don’t know where he is at and, that he could be right behind you and you would not be able to see him. Most of the other character is, in my opinion, better than out lead character.  The movie is suspenseful and entertaining. Our lead does shine in a few good scenes. The last hour is easily the best part of the film. That is how you build up to something.  I liked how he turns invisible it was very cool and it looks good. There are scenes where, the camera turns to nothing and its supposed to imply that someone is there and, it works latter one.  I wish the hand that hand pressing agents the shower scene that would have been good to see in the movie.  I did see the is a 4D theater so the sound was a lot better and the picture was better. So the whole experience was better I think in those surroundings. I think I can know to give this movie a grade.


My score

I will give The Invisible a B and an 8/10 and its a clsoe call to an 8. Anyway thanks again for reading another one of my blogs and you should read some more I have that you can read, and have a nice day.

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