Sonic and Bad Boys For Life reviews

It has been a while since I last posted and I have seen a lot of movies recently I decided to talk about two of them to talk about.  Sonic and Bad Bad Boys For Life. I think I will start with Sonic since it was the first movie I saw before the rest.



I appreciate that these people respect the character of Sonic. They redesigned him after the backlash they got for the old look. They have callbacks like sonic eating chili dogs and him getting his shoes. Surprisingly all of the human characters are good especially Jim Carrey who is the best part of the movie. He captures the over the topness of Doctor Eggman it was like the 90s version. It reminded me of 90s Jim Carry. The new-look of Sonic looks good, better than the old look. The movie is enjoyable light-hearted fun. It does get boring and as some bad lien delivery and sonic in one scene look bad. This movie was just what I expected it to. There are some pretty good action scenes as well. This movie has one plot lien that is just dropped and, it was treated as a joke.

My score is a B and a 6.5/10


Bad Boys For Life

This movie surprised me the trailers did not look good at all, and I was surprised that is was great. Will Smith and Martin Larance work so well together on screen.  This movie has some pretty good action scenes that look pretty good. The movie is entertaining for like 90%. I thought the villain was someone else but it’s not without spoiling anything, but I did not expect it and it was surprising. The movie was more bloody then I was expecting it to be. The comedy does not clash with how bloody the movie is and, the jokes were actually funny and made me laugh.  There are a few problems like the new crew they get. It felt tacted on their good acting-wise it’s just it felt forced. There are some scenes that are slow. This movie has some heart to it as well.

My score is an A- and an 8.5/10


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