The Turning Review

So The Turning came out and I went to go see it

There is not much I liked but ill try to start with it good stuff first. I like some of the music in the movie it was very well done. The end credits were also good out lead is OK at best. The 3rd act was fucking grate but we;; SPOILERS since I can’t get my anger off without telling you. OK so our lead gets something in the mail from her mom who is crazy and it’s a black picture of something so than the 3rd act happens but after she leaves with the kids and a ghost kills the nanny and its cutes back to her looking at the art so it never happened. and it ends with her screaming when her mom turns around and it cuts to black and its all in her head when it cutes to black. If you’re confused I was too. That ending pissed me off and other people in the theater.  My friend was mad at how it ended. The scares were not scary at all they overuse the jumpscare. The child actors suck Finn is bad and I like him in IT but not in here. The little girl is also bad well shes a kid so. The nanny is a bitch she is so fucking rude and just an asshole.

My score is an F for that fucking ending 2/10 only for that fun 3rd act even tho it never happened. Gotta be a little fair

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