Underwater, The Grudge and All the Freeakels in the Wolrd: Language warning

So I have seen 4 movies so far 3 in 1 week and I will review them


The Grudge 2020


This movie is really bad you don’t know anything about the characters you only know a little about some of them. This movie is also not scary at all. I do want to know why was this made I feel like this should not have been remade or a sequel IDK. The only thing I like is the music, in the beginning, the end credits are weird but I kind of like it. There the only nice things I half to say. The movie is told very weird it jumps around so much its predictable is boring for a 90min movie it feels like 2 hours and 30. The acting is terrible from everyone you don’t care for them it’s predictable. The ruined the voice of the grudge sounds way better in the OG. I called the ending called the deaths. The Deaths are not even good. They also overused the Jumpscare way too much and I hate it. 3 got me and I still knew that they were coming well it’s a normal thing to react to a jumpscare. My score is a D and a 2.5/10.




Underwater is the best movie I have seen all year and that’s not saying much so is this movie good yes it is. I like the premies of this movie you feel Closterphobic and the acting is good for the most part TJ. Miller is bad for the most part but he has his good moments. Our female lead is good. The pacing is also good I was enjoying it most of the way thew. The Monsters look great when they’re in the dark when they’re in the light you can see the problem a little. The big revile is bad and there is not much characterization at all and I did not care who died. The deaths are pretty lame. I will say this movie is scarier than the Grudge it has its good moments and it has its bad moments. What I will say is that this movie just hopes into the movie you have like 3 minutes before shit happens My score is a B and a 6/10.  Better then I thought it would be it is the best movie I have seen since the other movies suck and speaking of movies sucking.


All the Freckles in the World


I hate this movie with everthing I have it gets an F and a -10/10 its a terrible movie don’t watch it on Netflix. I will explain why I hate thing movies. 1 The acting is terrible everyone is unlockable besides 1 kid he is fine. There are lots of ADR witch if you read my last review you know I hate ADR also our lead is a piece of shit person. He is so far up his own ass. He is obsessed with this girl in his class that is taken and he is like I want x 5 he says it a lot here, and we are gonna have 2 kids. He is rude to everyone his mom his sister his friends even the girl who likes him. He makes a bet with his crushes boyfriend that if he wins a soccer match he gets her So he only wants her for her looks he is the reason I hate this movie also the ADR. So in the movie, his friend breaks his tailbone before the game and he called him a selfish asshole. SO they lose and he says that they cheated like a bitch would even tho before he was gonna cheat to win. Before this he kicked a player and got a yellow card, in reality, it was a red card but he is a privileged kid. No, he is not white he is Mexican I hate this movie so much more then I thought would. Also he just the Biggest prick to everyone watch it even tho I sad do not and tell me he is not a prick.  Yes, this move is probably gonna be the worst of the year. My score is an F and a -10/10 its terrible do not watch plz. There is also the plot with his dad being this popular figure and I think we only see him like one time or not at all I don’t remember. I could just go on and on about this but I don’t want to it would be too easy.  So let’s do it anyway. The plot is the Prick kid going to a new school and falling in love with a girl and wants to win her over. By the way, I am just going to keep calling him that. Her boyfriend is dumb for accepting his challenge. When she finds out he blames it on him and he acts like he did nothing wrong. He tries so hard to win her over that it comes off as creepy the ending is him going to another school and liking another girl and not learning his dam lesson. He Turns down a girl that new knows better because he like a girl who he has never spoken to. Anyway, I am done complaining about this movie. I did not even cover probably have of what I saw but it getting long so I am going to stop.


Thxs again for reading another one of my pointless reviews.

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