Ghost stories Netflix Review

So this is the first movie of 2020 is a foreign movie on Netflix.


So Ghost stories is about 4 diffrenr stories and it is not good at all.

The first problem is the ADR witch is liens played over a scene in a movie you can tell that if it does to match up at all. I was talking to a friend while watching because I just could not stand the ADR In story 1 we have a maid taking care of this old person who is crazy kind of and I just found it bad the ADT the acting the only thing good is the score and the ending is the only things that were good. D+

The 2ED stories is the worst and that’s for who weird it is.  It feels so weird also has an ADR problem there is some actually liens in the movie and it has some creepy imagery and that’s that nothing else stood out all the characters are hard to like. So the plot here is this kid is scared that his aunt will stop loving him after she has a kid since his mom died so he kills this bird IDK why he died but this one is super weird. Also, it’s super boring and slow. D-

The 3RD story is disappointing is has good premies but the execution of it was not good  I think this one as less ADR but its still a lot of it but some liens are real. You have this guy looking for these to kids and when he finds them these zombies I think IDK.  Most of the liens in this story are cringe and terrible because of there kids. This movie does have a kid dying witch you don’t care for since you barely know them. C-

the 4th and Final story is my favorite because it has a good plot solid acting and no ADR the ending and the ending score is perfect but its kind of sloppy some cringe stuff from some plot stuff. So the whole plot is this guy moms dead but he and his family still play this game with them like they’re still there. If you ever watch this just watch the first and last hell, not even the first since how boring it is. B


Overall its a C- and a 3/10. What a way to start the new year with me suffering.

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