Frozen 2, Knifes Out and Ford VS Ferrari

So I am behind on review movies and lucky I saw these 3 I saw Frozen like 2 weeks ago but better movies came up to review or so I thought. Anyway I did see two great  movies over Thanksgiving break and I will start off with Frozen 2.


Did this movie need to happen at all. It was a cash grab I only saw it because  my Driver and her kids wanted to see it and is was 4/1 so I was out number.Disney trade mark animation is it looks really good and it dose here, but its predictable and boring also the pacing is pretty slow witch never help. The movie is not funny and it tries to be funny and it dose not. Elsa is the only character that has something to do everyone else is just kinda there.

The main reason why I didn’t it is because it felt unnecessary to make. Like all the Disney remakes and equals. The movie is enjoyable at times throughout out the movie .

My score is a 4.5/10 its pretty bad

Knives Out


This movie reminded me of clue and there is a clue reference in here witch is what I wanted. Knives Out is pretty good. Its fun the characters are good and its kind of funny at times. 007 is grate I will  him  call him that for the review. The house in the film wow it is grate. This  movie is a murder mystery  kind of movie and it works.  for the mots  part. This movie dose drag a little and some small nitpicks I have with it I liked it. We have a good female lead good Performance  from a lot of them. The twist tho is my biggest problem and it tires to be smart and it dose not work for me. It has so many twist and turns and I got confused a little. The ending I felt fit the movies well and I did know who the killer was I just took a guess and I was right,


7.5/10  its a good movie


Ford VS Ferrari


It is here the finial movie I have to review. I love this movie everything  just works from the acting to lien delivery to the story just makes a really good movie. Its funny enjoyable  movie to watch. You have such likable charters as the leads and even some side character are good as well. The race scenes are grate and enjoyable to watch. The ending of this movie is kind of on a sower note witch is a good way to end a movie its a different ending  then  most movies now days . The kid was alright I guess the worst  actor  for sure.I think that is it.


9.5/10 grate movie go see it


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