Dark Fate review

So I got around to see Dark Fate instead  of seeing knifes out early and it was worse then I imaged it would be.


The Bad This movie dose nothing new with the franchisees at all its the same story besides its 3/5 female leads. The comedy is so awful and not funny and I just wanted to leave. The dialogue is truly bad even from Linda Halmition who is good when she has something to do. Out John Conner knock off since they killed him so see is the new savior and she is truly  awful. She is there for a politely piece and it so forced. Our time travel savior is just so bad and unfunny like almost everyone in this. The story makes no scene at all. So the movie takes place after T2 so they stop judgment day so somehow another Terminator is still there since they sent more then one back. Somehow there is this new one called something since I forgot. This movie has a CG problem they over use it and I was taken out of the movie and they just keep doing using it over and over. I think that’s    for my complaining. Just kidding the 3rd act sucks a lot a huge CG mess of a movie. I did want to sleep during the movie.

The Good

When Arnold shows up it gets a lot better prob he is the only one with anything to do, He is funny witch surprised me also this new Terminator is good as well also has some funny moments. It was intertwining when Arnold was on. Not a good movie if you can tell.



My Score 3/10 or a 4/10 Idc I will just give it a 3.5/10.



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