JoJo Rabbit review

So I finally saw jojo Rabbit and it was actually  good I did not think it would be good.


The Bad


I did not like Rebel Wilson she is not a good actress and she’s not funny. Just my thoughts of her. They used the Hitler then to much it got old pretty fast. Not all the jokes land but the ones that do are really good and are funny. I think that’s all my complaints about JoJo Rabbit.


The Good



So thankfully the rest of the acting is good. Sam Rockwell is good  Taika Waititi is also grate as Hitler. Our lead is also grate the most likable character in the movie. Everyone is grate besides Rebel Wilson. This movie is more of a dark comedy and I think it works for the most part. The movie is paced very well. The  girl in the wall is fine she is there for plot reasons its because I cant jay she’s Jewish but idc what I say anyway back on topic.


My Score


7.5/10 and I would recommend this movie if you like comedy

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