The Lost Boys review Halloween special

The Lost Boys

What I liked


I liked the setting of the movie takes place in Santa Cruz witch helps with location. You have a grate cast not going to list them since you most likely  already know some of them. The makeup that they used still holds up it still looks real. I also liked how this movie has a OK twist its nothing special but it works.  My favorite characters are the two brothers and the two Vampire hunters as well as Kiefer Sutherland. The Vampire Hunters are so funny they act to cool and tough but they really are not they just so funny. The older brother is pretty good he has the worst scene in the movie  but besides that he is pretty good. His younger Brother is also alright also what is weird is there is not a lot of blood until the 3rd act then its gets good.

What I did not like

The pacing drags a little some dialogue is bad and this one bad scene were they hang from a train track the scene after that sucks and that’s all my complaining .

My Score

screw it I am bring back the letter score incited of the recommend or not  8/10 and a B+

One thought on “The Lost Boys review Halloween special

  1. Thanks for reviewing older horror movies! You should also see The Beast With Five Fingers” and The Creature from the Black Lagoon”. So old they are hilarious! Especially the special effects.


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