Joker Review

So I finally get around to talking about a movie that I needed to talk about I did see this like 2 weeks ago and I am now going to review it and this is the 80th movie of 2019 movies I have seen this year


What I liked

The best part of the is Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker you watch this man just have the worst week.  He gets fired from his job and his best friend was responsible for that. His idle makes fun of him on TV. He has mantle problems he takes care of his mom and a lot of bad stuff happens. The movie is kind of dark actually Spoilers warning  3.2.1 The Darkest moment in the movie is were he kills his mom for lying about Bruce Wayne being related end of spoilers , the lighting for this movie is prefect how it changes when he becomes the Joker and it just works for a good movie.  The are some grate moments of dialogue in this movie. Also this has some grate moments as well so do other movies but this has probably one of the best I have seen in awhile. I do want to see more like this from DC and I hope they can keep it up.

What I did not like

It Drags in a few places and just some tiny nitpicks besides that nothing else bothered me .

My  Score

8.5/10 since it has been out for awhile I will not grade it on the other one.

If you want me to review something leave it in the comments below

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