Graveyard Sift Halloween review


What I liked

I like the creature design it holds up still  in my option some of the kills are pretty solid the effects still kind of hold up unlike the Silver bullet.  You have two like bale charters    in this the lead and this girl  they don’t have any development or anything and the setting and that is about it.


What I did not like


Everything else is bad  the main character has no emotion  his facile expression is almost always the same and everyone is this town is just really rude and I  hated  like every other character in the movie besides like 1 other charter and like all bad things must come to an end and thatch about it for the stuff I did not like.

My score is a 5/10 and I have something I need to tell someone did request a movie for me to review and I want to thank you for viewing my blog Ill find the movie and review when I do


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