So I saw Abominable and its was good as of know its my 22ND favorite movie I have seen out of the 76 I have seen so far. Anyway lets talk about it.


The Stuff I Liked


I like the look of the movie some of the charterers are good my favorite being the playboy or his brother or the lead they are all OK in my option. The Creature  looked alright   I guess. The story I guess is alright. I was entertained through out most of it .


The Stuff I didn’t Like


The comedy is so bad and it got cringe at times. The creature was a plot device if you have seen it you know what I mean. There hair never changes at all. it always is in the same place is drags in a few parts and my final complaint   is the Villains are bad it dose this 180 twist and you don’t care at all about the twist its just there to surprise  a few people.


My score


6/10 and I think its up to you to see it.

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