SHAFT 2019 review

So I rented it from REDBOX so I did save a lot of money.


What I liked


Its not afraid to take jabs at people.  Samuel L. Jackson is the best part of the movie with out a question. He is having  a blasted in this movie and the movie has some good action sense and some good blood effects and some and is entertaining  at times. Also it has some laughs.


What I did not Like

The first 20 minutes of the movie is boring and filled with horrible acting. Shaft’s son is really bad in this and he dose get better latter on in the movie. everyone  else is like that pretty much besides his mom and girlfriend they are just there. The Villains suck they are one demoniacally and have no personality and its predictable as hell and I hate Predicable stuff.  When ever Shafts off screen the movie is boring.



5/10 and I think you can skip it if I am being honest

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