I am late on the movie I saw it over the weekend so you can stop complaining well its not like anyone reads these anyway so what do I think of the movie well its above average.


What I liked

is the grown up versions of the loser club. why worked very well together, The movie actually was pretty entertaining  and, that is how I ranked movies or off story and messaging stuff like that. It had some good kills Pennywise  is once again great and, the was this one scene that is so funny in a good way you will know if you see it. The long run time of 3h did not bother me surprisingly.

The Stuff I didn’t  like

The worst thing about this movie is the 2ND and 3rd act. The 3rd act was a lot of flashing light and made my eyes almost bleed at least the final fight was. the 2 ED act was just jump scare after jump scare and the 3rd time it happens I was use to it 2 more happen in the 3rd  and I did not expect them and i was unfazed by them. When it flashed back to them as kids they seemed out of charter for some reason idk it just might have been me. This movie dose suffer from sequelitst.



6.5/10 and, go see it if you liked Chapter 1 but its not as good at Chapter 1.




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