Rambo Last Blood Review

I am back again I just need a good movie to talk about these days since yesterday I saw 3 bad movies so I thought I would review the only good movie I saw and lets began and one more thing I am changing my grading system.


What I liked:As some one who has never seen a Rambo movie I enjoyed quite a bit. The movie is pretty graphic and bloody with me is a grate  have in an action movie. The acting is good for the most part the best being Rambo himself . The villains of the work as well its a real world problem that they handled pretty well I think. The movie is entertaining  2/3rd of the way through you have some good action scenes in there as well. This I think was a good send off for this character


What I did not like: some scenes felt a little off like it was a different movie. the 2ed act was pretty boring  and felt kind of pointless in someways. Some of the acting was bad Rambo daughter being one of them she is there just to die his maid or whatever she was was meh.


My score the number score is still there 6.5/10 and I would recamended it

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