Spiderman Far From Home review

I know it has been a while I have seen a lot of movies but I have not reviewed them beaches i am lazy and I kind of lost interest since I don’t get views. Anyway lets start the review.


So Spider man Far From home is the squeal  the Spider-man Homecoming  and picks off after Endgame just so everyone is on the same page here


The Good

I love what they have done with Spider-man here you get to follow a Spider-man that is overshadowed by Iron mans death and you can tell it means a lot to him seeing another father figure die again. The Villain is fantastic in this movie played by Jack Gyllenhaal is grate and I love it. His motive is you understand why he is doing what he is doing. I like his story arc. This is the perfect summer superhero movies it is just a blast to watch. Tom Halland is grate as Spider man again. Everyone works well in this movie. No this is not good as spider verse.

The Bad is just some plot hole stuff.

The score B+ 89% and a 9/10

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