John Wick Chapter 3 and BrightBurn Review

Since I am behind on some review so I decided to just combine the two together John Wick and Brightbrun.


John Wick is the 3RD film in the franchise and it did not disappoint in the least.



The Good

This movie has the best action I have seen in my life. The camera work is steady during fight scenes its chop quick cuts over and over like we have seen before. The acting is on point everyone is great with what they are giving even Catwe I mean Halle Barry. The story is quite easy to follow and, John’s motives make sense to why he did what he did.  The score is one of the favorite things I have heard in a movie. Some of the sets look really great. The best thing is the stunt work it is unbelievable not like Mission Impossible or anything but its still unbelievable.


The Bad


My only problems are just a few pacing issues.


My Score


A 9/10 95%

Brightbrun review


So Brightburn is about what if Superman was evil  is basically what the movie is about


The Good


The acting is great from the two parents evil Superman was great I am just going to keep calling him evil Superman. The sets look nice for a 6 Million $ budget. The storytelling of the movie works for many reasons that I am not going to get into because of spoilers.  The score was one of the most horrifying this I have ever heard it was so creepy that is worked. The deaths in this movie were fantastic I think 266 people died  I think. Evil Superman costume looked great.



The bad

The pacing.


My score

A   8.5/10 87%



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