Rim of The Wolrd Review

Rim of the World Netflixs Review


Soooo I watch this movie since it’s not like I have a good movie to review or something.





Oh right I still have John Wick 3 to talk about. Oh well, I’ll get to this one later, so what do I think of Rim of The World in one world I would say Sloppy let me explain.


The Good: I always start with the positive since I try to be positive most of the time at least. I like one of the child actors who played Gabirel he was the only likable character, The score is fine I guess. It’s slightly enjoyable and,  I think that ends the positive stuff.


The Bad: Spoiler Warning i am going into spoilers here. I hated the first like 20 minutes of this movie.  It was the worst thing I think I have seen this year. I thought it was in comparison with the worst movie of the year, but it got better but not by much this movie still sucks let me explain. The dialogue if the worst thing I think I have heard in my small short life. It cringes at times. The acting is terrible which is not surprising since they’re kids and can’t really act but they’re still bad. Another thing I do not like is the special effects look horrible looked like a PlayStation 2 cutscene. The worst thing in this movie is the comedy. The jokes they used were so bad I thought I could not finish the movie a lot of them were really bad. Now I get into the spoiler warnings. My biggest problem is that this movie feels like it is missing scenes and also nothing makes sense I’ll explain. So there ‘s this alien and for some reason, it can find out the main characters are and this happens 5x I think. When I say this movie feels like it is missing scenes I am not joking it makes no sense this happens often. Also, we got like 2-3min of Adidas or Under Armour and it was cringing anyway I am done talking about this movie


D, 2/10 20%/100        

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