Happy Death Day 2U Review

So I finally saw Happy Death day 2 and it was Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not saying it was bad but why did this movie happen.


The Good


I like most of the acting here mainly from our lead actor and her BF their relationship  for some reason felt real and is on of the best parts of the movie. I like the 3RD act its enjoyable I was never board while I was watching I gusset its shot well. You have some likeable characters and all but nothing amazing or anything.

The Bad

Why did this movie happen. Happy Death day was a fun enjoyable slasher film. My main problem is that it was almost a retelling of the first one besides something’s are changed. Dose not help that is was predicable who the killer was before the movie even came out witch sucked. Also did not help the some of the movie is cringe worthy bad.

My Score C+ 5/10 55%/100

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