Detective Pikachu Review

So I saw detective Pikachu and, it was alright. I guess. what else can you expect from a live action Pokémon movie.



The Good

I like the world they built  here feels like a real place I was invested in the world that they built. I like Ryan Reynolds, I even liked Justice Smith in this, they get a good job with there rolls. I like some of the CG Pokémon Bulbasaur looks good. Pikachu looks good as well. I like the 3RD act of this movie even the 2ED act I like most of the movie. most of this movie is enjoyable you get like 2 Pokémon battles maybe more Idk. I kind of like the effects. Mewtwo was alright .  The story has some weight to it which I liked.


The Bad

I really did not like the reporter character she just did not fit into this movie for some reason I also did not the story for reasons I cant get into because of spoilers. one of the biggest problems I had with this movie is that it is not funny  at all. One of my biggest problems I have with this movie is that it feels fake I do like this world they built tho it just feels fake to me I could not get over that most of these are CG characters. Gengar  looked really bad.


My Score

B- 6/10 60%/100





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