Lucifer Season 4 Review

This show only took me 6 days to finishes so here I am reviewing it because what else am I going to do today do school work so, instead of doing work I decided to do this instead  of doing actually work.

The Good

The acting is fantastic besides for one ill get into that in a bit. Tom Ellis is once again fantastic as Lucifer Morning star. All the of acting is grate. You get some of the best character arcs I have ever in a TV show. You have one of my favorite scenes in the whole show. There is a lot to like here from the camera work. the dialogue is so good it feels like a real conversation is happening wish this season was longer tho. I think this is my 2ED favorite season of Lucifer  season 3 I think is still my favorite.


The Bad


My only complaint I have is I really don’t like Eve she is annoying, selfish spoiler waring right now  gets Amenadiel  baby kidnaped by demons of hell. She is just a selfish   person  all because she want’s Lucifer to love her and its annoying and, I hate her.




My score is a 8/10 85%/100



One thought on “Lucifer Season 4 Review

  1. My brother and my best friend have been after me to watch this show and considering the hype around it, I will surely do so once I am done with the series I am currently on.


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