Avengers ENDGAME review

This might be the biggest movie of the whole year. I know this is late I saw it on Friday night and, just have not had time to post my review.  Anyway Avengers Endgame is the conclusion of this faze of the MCU/ Marvel Cinematic Universe after this we have Spiderman and July 2ED.

The Good:  The acting is pretty good. Everyone gives a good performance Robert Downey Jr. is once again fantastic as Iron Man, Chris Evans is grate at Captain America  Hemswroth is grate as Thor the acting is just grate. They all have grate chemistry together the whole cast dose. I like the story telling in this a lot. I think what they did with Thor was grate. He has become this broken character who fells like he is reasonable for the deaths of millions. Thor has become this tragic character he lost his Mother his Father, Brother his Home and most of his people. All the characters have their motives  in this. This has one of my favorite finial fights I have ever seen in my life I loved it.  I liked the time travel part. Even tho you can nit pick at it all you want. I really liked what they did with Hawkeye they did a grate job with his character. There is a lot to like about this movie but, its hard to review with out spoiling.


The Bad:


The only problem I have is the pacing of the moive> It feels slow and a little to long for my taste but besides that I have no other problems.


My Score B+

One thought on “Avengers ENDGAME review

  1. Hi!
    I agree. This seems to be like the movie of the year. Everyone I know, even those who were not into Marvel, has watched it. The acting was great. I had no trouble with the pacing of the film though.


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