Mercy Black Netflix’s Review

The better version of Slenderman Ill say that this movie still sucked tho.


The Good

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… if I had to say good tings about this I would say its entertaining a little. You get some good scenes. The best part is how bad this movie is.  It is so bad that’s it’s funny at times. This movie is far from terrible its not Life of the party or Close not that bad, but it is still bad. You can watch it and enjoy it and, all, but I did not enjoys this movie.


The Bad


everything else in this movie is horrible, The acting is awful Mercy black or whatever looks fake as hell when she moves it just wire work that looks fake. This move can;’t make up what it wants to be a revenge or supernatural movie and, it fails at both in ever way. It’s not scary at all it has a dream sequence and, I only watched because I am a horror movie fan dose not help like it rips of Slenderman either. Anyway I am doin talking about bad movies.

See the source image Dam it.

My Score: D-, 2/10, 20%/100

One thought on “Mercy Black Netflix’s Review

  1. It sounds really boring. Thank God I haven’t watched it. I might check it out for fun. I mean, how bad can it get? Currently, I’m more into the TV shows on Netflix.


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