Hellboy 2019 Review

Hellboy Review 2019
So I saw Hellboy and it was actually good, better than people are saying it is. I was never bored watching it. You have some good makeup. I was nerves going in because of the low ratings it had on Rotten Tomatoes.
The Acting: The acting is fine for the most part. David Harbour as Hellboy is good, he makes a good Hellboy. Everyone else is fine or really bad. Milla Jovovich is the worst actor in the whole movie by far because she can’t act.

The Villain: The Villain’s are trash they have no motive whatsoever.“Oh Hellboy humiliated me in front of 2 humans not even joking that’s is one of the Villains motives. Our main Villain has no motive she just wants the world to end.
The Good: I have done a lot of complaining and, I said this movie is good so, I will say all the good stuff I can in this one paragraph.
I already said I like some of the actors in this movie. The movie is entertaining all the way through I never felt board during the movie. I like some of the fight scenes there was one with 3 giants and, I loved that part of the movie. I liked the ending of this movie I will say that.
Conclusion: Wish I could say more stuff I liked, but I can’t on a writing sample. Overall I enjoyed this movie. 7/10 a good movie nothing more nothing less.

One thought on “Hellboy 2019 Review

  1. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I have played the game “Hellboy: The Science of Evil”. I really wanted to watch the 2014 release by Guillermo del Toro though. His films are always captivating.


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