Us Review 2019/ The Vanishing 2019 Review

I have been hearing so many grate thing about this movie, so I went to see it. I left with mostly mixed feelings. I like a lot of the stuff, but there were some things I did not like about this movie.


The Good

I like how this kind of feels like the X Files, Twilight Zone and Black mirror episode. The acting is actually grate everyone gave a grate performance, They felt like a real family even the side characters or the other family did grate. Jordan Peele is a talented director there is no question and I have only seen 1 of his movies. This movie is entertaining  all most the way through. I liked the story even tho it did not make much since at all. The kills were grate no to violent surprisingly for a horror movie. A lot of this movie is enjoyable. Now it is time for my complaints.

The Bad

I hate the first few minutes. I thought The whole movie would be like this. Another thing I did not like that this movie is not scary and, some people are saying it is the best horror movie. I was more scared of IT and, Halloween then this movie. Witch is disappointing since the trailer made this seem like a scary movie and, it was not. Another thing that bothered me is that its is predicable. My last complaint I think is that some of the character choses are really dumb. This movie to me is more funny then scary and I mean that is a bad way. This movie is funny tho in a good way tho. Time for my score.

The Score

B,7/10 and a 70%/100



The Vanishing 2019

I have been waiting to see the movie for awhile. I wanted to see this movie because it looked like a really good movie.


The Good

The acting is on point everyone dose their best well there are only like 5 characters in the movie. Jared Butler is grate in this. The acting is  grate from everyone. I also liked the look of the movie. I love the story of this movie witch is about three lighthouse keepers how find gold and, they are taken over by greed, Something like that. Another way to say is when three ordinary people find some gold. The pacing is also good its not going to fast or to slow. The setting is grate, the cemetery between the tree friends is grate.

The Bad

I really don’t hate anything about this movie, but I do not like the first few minutes. Some scenes go on for to long and, a little story issues.

My Score

B+ 9/10 and a 89%

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