Fighting With My Family

A movie I wanted to see, well all the movie I watch I want to see, but after the last movie I watch I was hoping to see another good movie and I did. I always start off with the good because I like to.


The Good: We have good Characters and acting hear everyone feels real. It feels like they belong there. I can not believe this is a true story actually.  Witch made the Characters feel more real since they are real. I love how it shows that if two people have the same dream, and one get’s it and you don’t and, you two are family. I like the Rock as himself. The jokes are fine there was one or two that made me laugh. I liked the story. The fight scenes were good. I like her brothers story arc and hers as well. Also Vince Vaughn is good as well.

The Bad: There is not much to not like here. It feels a little to long for my taste. t is also a little slow for me.

My Score: B+ or an A- a 8/10 and, 80%/100.

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