Isn’t it Romantic

I saw thus movie and, I regret even seen it, because I hated this movie. I could not stand watching it. I wanted to leave the theater.


The Good: I like some of the music, I also liked the scene before the musical.  That is everting good about this movie.

The Bad: The acting is bad for sure, its not funny, it is boring as ****. I can go on and, on about why this movie sucks so much. I think I know why I hate Romcoms and musicals I have never liked them. I wanted to die while I was watching. I saw this with the same people how I saw How to Train Your Dragon 3. Luckily I am seeing Fighting With  the Family I hope it s good I really do.

The Score: D-, 1.5/10 and a 10%/100.



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