How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Review and, Scarecrow Review

I saw these  two movies over the weekend and here are my thoughts on them. I guess I’ll   start with Scarecrow because I don’t have much to say about it.


Scarecrow 2019

The Good: There is not much to like here but, I try to find a few good things about every film I see. I love the ending of this movie. The music they chose fit the scene, and I liked some of the imagery, and its entertaining for the last act of the movie. That is all the good things I have to say about this movie.

The Bad: The Characters Oh wait!!! there are none everyone is a stereotype. We have super hot dumb girl, The guy you likes a girl but to shy to tell her, dumb***,and we have hot smart one. Those are the charter also the acting is also terrible, so is the scrip for this movie. I can go on and, on about this movie. I am done talking about this movie. I thought this was going to suck but it was bad not terrible it was just bad.


My Score: D a 3/10 and a 33%/100.



How To Train Your Dragon 3


I saw this on  Thursday with some friends and, it is good.


The Good: I love the story of this movie, how he picked a fight that he could not win. I like the animated, and it looks really grate. The dragons look really good. The characters are great as well. I was injoting  my time in the theater. I can appreciate that they wrapped this trilogy up it was a nice touch. There are great scenes in this movie.  The Lightfury or light  fury one word or two but besides that she looks cool. The dragons look good. The movie feels real the movie feels real to me. That is the good.

The Bad: I hated the first few minuets. IDK why I just do. I also find the comedy horrible I only chucked one time, and before you say well its a kids movie stop being harsh I heard people older than me laughing. I just found t not funny.

My score: B+ or an A- 8.5/10, 88%/100. Thank you for reading another one of my blog post make sure to have the notification  turned on for more movie reviews. I am still working on the special thing I said a while back I have been busy but I am working on it.





One thought on “How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World Review and, Scarecrow Review

  1. I watched “How To Train Your Dragon 3” at the theatre. I went with my sister and my nephew and he was absolutely thrilled. I think for a kids movie, it is okay. I liked the graphics.


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