Alita Battle Angle Review

So, I saw Battle Angle and it was Meh it was not horrible it was just meh. Lets start with the good first because I like being positive unless the movie sucks then I can’t. FYI I never saw the anima of this so I went in blind.

The Good:  I liked most of the acting for the most part. I like the actor how played Hugo he was the best part of the movie since there are only like two characters that get a lot of screen time. I like some of the action in the movie The story is fine there are some cool CG as well. I did not hate watching this which is an upside. from there lets move onto the bad.

The Bad: I hate Alita eye’s  they are so distracting. It looked so fake as well. Some of the CG looks really bad mostly when humans interact with CG and sometimes it looks OK but most of the time it looks fake. The Battle suit she gets look really bad. I can go on and on about the CG in this movie but I am not going to do that because it would take to long. This movie is also boring through most of it which shocked me. I was not expecting it to be good but it was a little surprised.

The Score B- 5-6/10 and a 59%/100.  Have your notifications on so your notified when I post

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