Velvet Buzzsaw and High Flying Bird Netflix’s Reviews

So I have two movie reviews for you guys today if you have not seen my Punisher season two review go check it out so, let’s begin with Velvet Buzzsaw.

The Good: I liked how it tried a new way to scare people. I can appreciate that about this movie is that it tried something different, and the lead to some creative kills . I liked most of the movie. I liked Jack  Gyllenhaal in this. He gave a solid performance. I like how artsy     the movie is. I also liked the plot of this movie as well. This movie is good to look at. Some of the sets are really nice and cool. From there lets move onto the bad.


The Bad: This movie to me is kind of boring for most of it. A lot of the characters are unlikable some of the dialogue is bad and I was not a fan of the ending. The ending just left me like oh what ever.


My score a B- a 6/10 a 60%/100. Have the notifcasinosn on becuese I will be posting more on here soon.


High Flying Bird Review

I am just going to start the review about this movie.


The Good: I love the primes of this movie I love basketball is what it is about a basketball agent. I did not know this but this movie is shot on an iPhone which I did not know about until later. I love the acting in this everyone is ether good or great. This movie is well shot and edited. I am impressed by this movie. I am going to move onto the bad because there is a lot more to praise here but it would go on to long.

The Bad:  The only problems I have are it is kind of slow and boring because when I heard it was a basketball movie I got my hopes up and, it was a little dissapointng but overall I enjoyed it.

My Score I will give this a B+ a 7.5/10 and a 75%/100



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