The Punisher Season 2 Review

I finished season two of the Punisher on Netflix’s and it was good. I like starting off with the good and then moving onto the bad so let’s begin.

The Good:  Once again we get a fantastic performance from John Bernthal  as the Punisher. The acting is great from everyone. Even the Villain played by Ben Barnes who plays Jigsaw wonderfully.  there is a lot more action in season two then season 1 and I enjoyed it a lot.  There is a lot to like about season two. I would say this is almost as good as season one. There is a lot to like about season two. I liked the frist episode a lot because of the bar fight. I think I have said all of the positive things about the Punisher season 2 so, lets move onto the bad.



The Bad: The bad is that is boring when there is nothing going on. I want to see the Punisher punish some people. I don’t want to see people talking about stuff. My last complaint is that there is a lot of down time and it was kind of boring when there was no action going on.

My Score: Ill give the Punisher a B, a 7/10 and a 73%/100.

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