Polar Netflix’s Review and Close Netflix’s Review

So another Netflix’s review well reviews since there are two films we have here so lets start with Close because its shorter.

Close is a piece of **** it is not as bad as IO but not by much… Never mind this is worse actually because I could not finish this movie I could not it is boring and, I did not care about anything or anyone in this movie. There is only one good scene and, that’s it. The score if an F a 1/2/10 and a 4%/100

Polar is a good movie but, it has a lot of bad stuff in it.

The good is that our lead actor is good in this role. I like the action scenes in this movie. I like the setting of it as well. We got an OK ending I guess. I like some of the other charters. I liked some of the deaths as well. I think that is all the good things about this movie. The bad is That the Villains sucks they are the definition on a cartoon villain. Yes I know they were meant to be but it bothered me still. my last problem is it feels like a ***** there are way to many scenes of *** and, ****** and, it just bothered me again.

I’ll give Polar a B- a 6.6/10 and a 66%/100.

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