Glass 2019 Review

So I watched Glass a few  nights ago and it was good. Better than Rotten Tomatoes  says it is, so lets start the review.


The Good: There is stuff to like here. The acting is good, the main three characters are the best for me. The other three, David’s Son, Mr. Glass’s mom and the girl from split. They are all great in this. I like some of the camera work in this movie. I like some of the music in this as well. James McAvoy I think is great in this role, all of his personalities, he really sells the role. Some of the scenes I think are great, the first twenty-five  minutes I thought we great.   I think some of the fight scenes were cool. I like MG or Glass as he goes by in the movie. David is also great but he kind of gets shelved by the other too.                            David’s son I thought was great. I did not even know this but the flashbacks in Glass are deleted scenes from Unbreakable. I did not know that until I watched Chris Stuckmenn’s Spoiler review on Glass. There is a lot to like about this movie. From there let us move onto the bad.


The Bad: It’s the whole 2nd amost there are a few good moments here and, there but for the most part it kind of sucked. I cannot explain how bad the twist is. Holy**** it is bad so is the ending. When they get to the institution it takes a dive for the worst. This is a problem I noticed.  They only have four guards on duty.  I hated the doctor character  she was terrible. Her thing is to help them believe its all in their head, that they are not superheros but we have seen them do superhero things and, she gives the dumbest reason to Kevin it makes no sense at all. I think that is all my complaints, so let’s go onto the score.


My Score: I’ll give Glass a B, 6/10 and 66%. Could have been worse but it wasn’t. I have something special coming up for you guys soon like Polar and The Punisher series review.


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