The Last Laugh 2019 Netflix Review

So I saw The last Laugh today and, it was actually pretty good better than Escape Room\ because it has likeable characters a good plot and nice looking shots and, a bull**** ending. The Last Laugh is something different this is a good Netflix movie since the Ritual  and here is my review of the Last Laugh.

The Good: I love the cast of this movie they work so well on-screen together they both live in a place for old people. This movie is kind of funny and that’s what I want from a comedy is to make me laugh and this movie did. I also like the adventure that theses two old friends go on its on friend helping an old friend get back into his old job which is a stand up comedian. The journey they took is so great they go to all theses states  and one of them find a girl that he finds along the way and she was OK in the movie. This movie looks pretty good they added in his friend’s son which was nice, so  from there lets move onto the bad.


The Bad: it is kind of slow when it starts out the lead’s daughter is kind of annoying she reminded me of Velma from SCOOBY-DOO. Some of the jokes don’t land for me. Yes I know this movie is not made for my target audience so I want to be to hard on the jokes besides that and, a few nitpick that is all my issues with the film.

My Score: Is a B. make sure to have notifications on so you know when I post a review.

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