Escape Room 2019 review

I finally got to see a 2019 Film and, I was surprised walking about that the film did not sucked. It was pretty good. Better than I was expecting.  I am just going to start this review.


The Characters: Most of the Character besides like three are complete ***holes they are so unlikable and, mean and I did not like our lead character she makes a few smart choices and, that’s pretty much all she does. The girl from DearDevil is good. The store worker is my favorite out of the cast Tyler Labine is also good. Jay Ellies Character is the biggest ***hole in the whole movie, and I think in was intentional  . I did like his back story tho. Besides that the characters are pretty bad beside three of them.

The Dialogue: it is awful it is so bad I do not even want to talk about it. It is so cringey the jokes do not make sense and not funny,I am moving on from this topic to the next.

The Good: There is a lot to like about this. The premise of the movie is good. I like all the rooms. My favorite room is the 3ED room. The upside down room. There are a lot of cool camera work. This movie is suspenseful and, it is a well-looking movie I will say that it’s not boring. The deaths we OK I guess it nothing special or anything there are no bloody deaths besides 1 and I thinks that is all the good things about this movie.

The Bad: Is the twist. The twist was so bad and, took me out of the movie and, The villain of the movie reminded me of inspector gadget or something it was a very weird twist. I hate the ending it sets up for a sequel that dose not need to happen. This movie dose take a nosedive in the last 5-10 minutes and that is the worst part of the movie for sure.


My score is a B.

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