Brid Box Review 2018

a few hours until 219 and, I can see new movies but lets talk about Bird Box first.

Bird Box is a new Netflix film and as this movie SUCKS. I am astonished about why was this made. Remember A Quite Place and, The Happening they took things from both movies and mashed them into one movie and that is Bird Box a piece  of trash. There is only a few good things about this. The boyfriend that was added in like half way in the movie he is good. The guy from Get Out is great for the 10 minuets we get of him and, everyone else is terrible. The lead is terrible and, that’s sad since I like her as an actor but, she sucks in this movie and, this movie does have some good moments as well like 2 good thing. I hate how you never get to see this monster I heard from the lead actor that it looked horrible which was a good thing that they decided to scrap it. The movie hopes back in between time frames a five-year gape no joke. This movie makes no sense at all and it has child actors which I can not stand in the least. I don’t get hate for trashing a movie on here witch is a good thing since only 68% of people like this movie and I am the 32% that do not. If you like this then good for you. I will now go back to ripping on this movie. The dialogue is freaking awful and here is why, so this guys wife goes to help out main character how is pregnant and, then she kills herself and, this is what he says. She went back for you and, his facial expression when his wife died was so funny in a bad way. I showed a few minutes of this to my friends by showing them so them some scenes and, they said it was worse than Sharknado I think that is all that needs to be said. The valance and blood are all CG there is only 1 good kill and that is the blood looked real. There are so many dumb stuff in this like how the other pregnant lady gives birth a month earlier  I think and, at the same time. I am not going into earthing dumb in this movie. There is one question I have tho. What if you are blind. It can only make you kill yourself is if you see  it and, if you are blind then you cannot see it. This movie should not have been made like Open House which sucks even worse and not I will include that on my list because I forgot I saw it  was that bad. This whole movie falls apart  in the first 30 minutes of the film. It shocks me that Netflix got all this talent and a huge budget and made this. So I am now going to go through everything about the movie starting with the plot. The plot is like A Quiet Place and The Happening mixed into one movie. So we follow our lead a pregnant lady and she just does not care about it. She said that we was going to drink a bottle of wine and, she is in the hospital and, next to a doctor when her sister said that and she agrees to do it. When she is leaving people start killing themselves which is just an OK concept we have The Happening when something in the wind makes you kill yourself and, in this it’s not much of a difference and, that is the plot a survival movie kind of. The acting is terrible there are only 2 good actors I already said who they are so there is no need for that, but everyone else is terrible there is no reason to care about the lead character besides she is pregnant and the lead and, the writtis so bad do not even get me started on the dialogue because that is the worst thing about this film is the dialoge is so bad it’s almost cringe worthy because of how bad it is.

CG is fine its nothing special or anything there are like 2 good shots and that’s it.

My score is a D- I did not like this movie at all. If you like it then good for you but it did not work for me.

2 thoughts on “Brid Box Review 2018

  1. Ouch you’re ruthless dude but at least you’re honest about your opinions! Sandra Bullock’s acting was wonderful she can only do so much with the character wearing a blindfold.


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