Worst movies of 2018

Oh boy we sure hade some good movies and some bad ones as well so here are my top 10 worst movies I saw this year


Tremors 6 what a way to ruin a franchise that I love with a sequel that is titled a cold day in hell and takes place in a desert. The CG looks awful. the creatures that I love are turned into a big CG thing. The acting is bad was well. But is was entertaining  tho  so that is why it’s at number 10 and not lower on the list.





WOW!! what a boring movie. This movie look interesting and, I was wrong big time. This movie has the worst plot twist I have ever seen I did not even care about the main characters. The only one how gave a good performance is Michele Pena  and, the  and, the person that they capture everyone else was terrible. The GC OK I guess but., I hated this movie from stat to end.



How it ends

UHHHHH How it ends how much I wanted it to end while I was watching it. the only redeeming quality is the girl’s father. The ending is the last ring in the trailer and, it ends on a cliff hanger. I do love a word winding movie but this movie made it boring. The lead actor has nothing to do. his GF is there to move the plot along this movie just SUCKS!!



Day of the dead 2

What a not needed sequel or reboot we got. Talk about uneasy much. This movie falls back on the high school plot and I did not care for anyone at all. they carry did not care about anything else but cramming this down your mouth.


Hold the dark

Dam what a boring movie the only thing I can say is that is looks nice that’s all that’s positive it looks nice but the rest of the movie was terrible.



To be honest I almost gave this number 2 because this movie sucks so much I was not scared at all it had a few creepy scenes that I felt were well done but besides that is sucks.


Gnome Alone

This movie was so terrible I wanted it to end from the start. That’s how bad this is and the whole movies is a mess. Just a terrible movie.


4 Realms

If there was a movie I wish I did not watch it would be this. I hated this movie there are only 3 good this about this. it looks nice. Morgen Freemen is good, and nutcracker.


Life of the party

This is the only movie I walked out of. Because I hated it. Its boring not funny horribly acted just everything was horrible about this movie the plot is the worst thing in this whole movie.


A wrinkle in time

Dam what a disappointment. I hated this movie. I saw this twice one with some friends and another with my dad and brother and, they did not like my dad and, brother not my friends they liked it but this movie is boring as **** the only good  thing is it looks cool everything  else sucks  and, that is was the film I hated the most this year. Go check out my other blog post as well. My top ten best movies of 2018 will drop tomorrow and look at all my TV show I watch this year Ranked as well.

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