Best movies of 2018

Lets talk about my favorite movies of 2018


Venom I know a lot of people do not like this movie but I really enjoyed it. I really enjoyed how the symbionts arrive on earth and, I really enjoyed on how they did it with out Spiderman. Yes the CG is kind of mess but I still loved this movie and, that is why it lands on number 10.


Creed 2

This movie I was looking forward to since I love Creed 1 so I was pretty excited when they were making a sequel and it lived up to the hype. Everything about this movie works besides my problems with it. I loved the boxing scenes they were so well done and, I love it.


JW 2

I know a ton of people do not like this movie but I did. I love how it took place in a house well the 3rd act but still before that it was still entertaining it was well acted well shoot well-directed and hade good CG and good-looking Dinosaurs and that is why it lands the number 8 spot

7 BlackkKlansmen

Just what a fun movie 70DS movies. This movie was great. Well acted and directed, it felt like a 70DS film and that is why it will claim the number 7 spot

6 A quiet place

What a great horror film we got an actually good horror movie. It was well acted and well-directed. The story is the best part. if you make a noise  you will die most likely. I loved how the monsters looked as well. These movies hade me on the edge of my set until the end. That is why it claims the number 6 spot.


Sicario day of the soldado

I did not know what to expect from this I did not see any trailers for the movie and I saw it and, I really enjoyed it. it’s a take on terrorism and that sometimes there are no good guys in things. This movie just strode out to me and I enjoyed it and it why it takes the number 5 spot.

4 Avengers Infinity war

Wow what an ending to a movie this is 10 years of the MCU movie  and it paid off. I love this movie I own 2 copies of on at my moms and one at my dads and I saw it 2 times in the theaters and watched it 3 more times when I got the movie on DVD. This movie meant a lot to me  and is my favorite MCU film and, that is why it lands on number 4.

3 Ralph breaks the internet

This movie was a surprise to me I thought it was going to be fine and it passed my expansions by a long shot everything about this movie works on some level to me and I enjoyed that, and that is why it lands on number 3

2 Fallout

What a great action movie we got over the summer. I remember I was shaking because that’s how invested I was into this movie that I was thinking is  the bad guy will win and, this movie did not disappoint an anyway and, that is why it takes the 2ED spot on my list


Spiderman into the spider verse

Is my favorite Spiderman film and favorite film of 2018. This movie was so much fun it has a message about being a superhero that it comes with a price like Gwen saved her father but, could not save her best friend. Miles uncle does the right thing and dies Peter lost his Uncle so did Spiderman Noir and, it worked. Guys go check out my worst of the year list. I have one more post before 2019.

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